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Up Close – Cristiano Ronaldo and the Savage Beauty Superfly

Savage Beauty Superfly

Chapter 1: Savage Beauty

The Cristiano Ronaldo story, as told through Superfly boot designs. Given the Worldly reputation of the Portuguese star, it only makes sense that the swoosh would create a unique project that pairs their ability to create top quality boots with awe inspiring designs. The first installment, Savage Beauty, takes us right back to the beginning and where Ronaldo’s career began.

We take an up-close and personal look at the new release – these are sure to be one of the most popular boots on Christmas wish-lists this year!

Currently available from soccer.com.

Nike Savage Beauty Superfly Up Close

This lava-inspired print takes its cues from Madeira, the volcanic Portuguese island where the CR7 was born. Savage Beauty is one of the most intricate designs Nike has ever produced on a pair of boots. A collaboration between Nike’s World Headquarters and its expert artisans in Montebelluna, Italy, the vibrant, six-color graphic flows from toe to heel to accentuate Ronaldo’s speed.

Up close, they are pretty expressive, as you’d expect. It has the appearance of a digital style print that is layered across the synthetic upper. Rather than being ultra clear, there is an almost distressed look about the volcanic design. What is pretty cool is the broken styling, where it crosses under the swoosh and the visual hot lava flickers in brighter shades.

There is even an area where smoke is coming off the volcanic rock. If you look at the top image, you can see where it sits along the little toe are. It almost looks like a scrap on the material, but it is a modified grey pattern that really does mimic rising smoke.

As you take them further away, the concept of the design starts to become clearer. In other words, they offer a better effect from a distance, like from the viewpoint of opposing players. Maybe the idea is to lure them into staring at your boots so you can latch on to through balls when they are distracted!

Nike Savage Beauty Superfly Up Close CR7

Nike Savage Beauty Superfly Up Close Mid Cut Collar

Sitting on the heel, that CR7 logo is featured in a metallic colorway with a 3D style effect. It pops visually on the burnt black upper and provides a glamorously, fashionable add-on.

You also get all the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a pair of premium Nike Superfly boots. With a dynamic fit collar that locks down the player at full speed, the micro-textured Nike Flyknit upper provides a barefoot-like feel that gets the foot closer to the ball and closer to the ground for increased control. A highly responsive carbon-fiber plate is designed to further provide explosive speed in all directions.

Nike Savage Beauty Superfly Up Close Forefoot

Nike Savage Beauty Superfly Up Close Silhouette

Nike Savage Beauty Superfly Up Close Pattern

With a $300 price tag, the biggest question becomes “are they value for money?” The short and easy answer to that is how badly do you want a pair? It is tough to associate any boot at that price with the word value. Value is when you get two top-tier boots for the price of one! So, in that respect they are definitely not the boots you are going to want if you are on a budget.

Performance wise, this style offers something that not many other boots do. So, you are paying for having that unique added element included with your footwear. If you have the money, they are worth investing in. But, do me a favor and don’t pressure yourself into buying a pair just because Ronaldo wears them!

There is a full line-up included with this range, from the Veloce through Superfly and AG pairs. To see everything there is, check out Savage Beauty at soccer.com.

Nike Savage Beauty Superfly Up Close Heel

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