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The Boots That Should be Top of Your Christmas WishList!

Nike Savage Beauty Superfly Up Close

With only 10 days to go until Christmas, we wanted to check in with a list of boots that we think should be on your wishlist. By now, you have probably made your decision on the boots you want and they might even be wrapped under the tree already. But, if you are still making a decision, or if you are the one responsible for buying boots for an aspiring player, this is the list for you!

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For the rest of you reading, if there is a boot missing that you definitely think deserves a mention, let us know in the comments! More importantly, let us know exactly why you would add them!

Primeknit Must Have

Adidas ACE15+ Primeknit

Why? Without a doubt, these are one of the best performing boots of the year! Adidas has created a perfectly balanced boot that provides clean touch on the ball with a durable feel. Right across the upper, adidas employ a 3D vacuum skin that offers unbelievable grip and protects the upper in all weather conditions.

Retail: This one comes with a high price tag, but it is not often you will hear me say they are absolutely worth the money! Get the Solar Orange/White for $199.99.

Savage Beauty Superfly

Nike Mercurial Superfly

Why? Simply because they are one of the best selling boots of 2015 with a line-up of top stars wearing them. Look no further than Cristiano Ronaldo and the custom line-Up Nike has released for him. Mixing a dynamic mid-cut collar with Flyknit technology, the Superfly is one of the most advanced boots on the market., Note that these have a thinner fit than other Nike models.

Retail: You are looking at premium prices when it comes to the Superfly. You can either get the latest CR7 Savage Beauty for $299 or you can look at the on sale Tech Craft version for $224.99.

Speedform Must Have

Under Armour Speedform CRM

Why? If you haven’t yet worn a pair of Speedform, you are missing out. UA introduced an absolute winner with what is one of the most comfortable and form fitting boots of 2015. There is no break-in period with these, and over time they just adapt even better to your foot shape. These boots are up for definite consideration as boot of the year!

Retail: There are several really slick colorways to choose from in the Speedform CRM series, all listed for $219.99.

Liquid Chrome Hypervenom Phantom

Nike Hypervenom Phantom

Why? The Hypervenom series hasn’t received the best of reactions through 2015, but with current top scoring players in Europe wearing them. Jamie Vardy, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Robert Lewandowski are just a few names that highlight the impact of the boots. It makes them one of the tmost dynamic options at the moment, designed for attacking players who are deceptive by nature on the field.

Retail: The Hypervenom Phantom comes with premium prices, but also some incredible deals. You can go with the latest Liquid Chrome version that most players are wearing for $274.99 or pick up a pair in Total Orange for only $199.99.

adidas Gloro 16.1

Adidas Gloro or Gloro 16.1

Why? In terms of classic styling with modern performance, the Gloro is the absolute way to go. For those that like a fold-over tongue, you get the original release that has received plenty of positive reaction from fans. Or you can now go tongueless with the 16.1 version. These are perfect for players that enjoy the simpler side of playing and want a reliable boot they can trust from first wear.

Retail: Of the list, this is one of the more affordable and desirable options. Wheter you want to go with the Original Gloroor the Gloro 16.1, both are available and listed at $109.99.


Puma evoPOWER 1.2 Graphic Pop

Why? Who doesn’t want to wear a pair of boots that feature dimensional graphics with clear colors and black borders to make it look like an old school comic strip? The evoPOWER series is all about power with a lightweight feel and presence in play. True to the boot’s Power theme, the BAM!! and POW! hits on the boot express what they do in game.

Retail: Released as a special edition, there are still plenty of pairs available for $199.99.

X15.2 Must Have

Adidas X15.2

Why? Sitting as one of the best mid-tier options currently on the market, the X15.2 offers quality performance and a visual appearance that is almost identical to the top-tier X15.1. You still get a dynamic collar and a clean strike surface. If you need a more economical option, they are definitely worth considering.

Retail: They range in price and go on sale regularly, but right now the pair you want is the latest Black/Shock Mint colorway listed for $109.99.

Diadora Brasil SPA Made in Italy

Diadora Brasil SPA

Why? With the Brasil SPA comes the return of “Made in Italy”. This is a boot that transports us back in time to another era, with it’s fold over tongue and iconic Black/Neon Diadora colorway providing perfect visual effect for traditional enthusiasts.

Retail: Diadora has taken no shortcuts with these, using quality products to complete what is arguably the top made in Italy boot on the market right now. If you want a pair, find them with a $229.99 retail.


Wrapping things up, we just found out today that the folks at soccer.com are taking steps to make sure you get your boots super quick and on time before Christmas. Get free 2-day delivery by using code 15SHIPPING right now!

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  1. wembleyphotography

    Mizuno Morelia II MIJ Pearl should be on the list and are on sale at soccer.com for $118. Yes thats right, $118. This is probably the best bargain in shoes for a long time!
    I wore a pair of basic Morelia's 18 years ago and loved them. I can't wait to get the MIJ and feel that beautiful feel again but notched up a level.
    I'm a Kangaroo leather player dating back to the Patrick Keegan Tops from my youth. Over the last several years my shoes have included Adipure IV Sl (my recent favorites) , Warrior Skreamer K( nice and light), Adipro 11 SL (last edition black and neon heel – very nice) but I am so excited to put the Morelia MIJ II on my feet even if they are heavier than the adidas SL i have loved the last few years.

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