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Paul Pogba Switches Into adidas Laceless Boots

Paul Pogba in Laceless

At this stage, we are all pretty comfortable with the fact that Paul Pogba wears what he wants – and it is a breath of fresh air! Having worked his magic in Nike Magistas over the past several months, he has made a very nonchalant switch to an unnamed blackout adidas boot. Well, unnamed to most, but it has been confirmed that they are Adidas Ace 16+ Laceless boots. In recent weeks, he has worn them in training and the midweek TIM Cup match between FC Juventus and Torino FC provided another opportunity for him to wear them!

The particular pair Pogba is wearing have some modifications, leading us to believe that they are still a work in progress, but the overall composition (and his performances wearing them) point toward the fact adidas are onto something pretty special.

Pogba in adidas Laceless

Taking inspiration from soccer players who like to express themselves on different surfaces around the world, Laceless is the latest in a series of ground-breaking innovations from adidas. There is a lot more to come from these boots in the coming months, but what a pick-up it would be if adidas persuaded Pogba to be their feature player in the new silo!

Thoughts on “Laceless”? Are you guys ready to wear a pair?

Ozil with Blackout Laceless Boots

Blackout Adidas Laceless Boots

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