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Adidas Ace 15.1 Primeknit CG Turf – A Pro Players Take

Adidas Ace 15.1 Primeknit CG Turf

One of the cool things about adidas Primeknit is how adidas has broadened it’s scope beyond just FG boot releases. For those that like a little indoor or on-a-whim street soccer, you can now take advantage of the highly regarded, pliable form material as you play. The Ace 15.1 Primeknit CG Turf is all about providing optimal fit and control on court surfaces, in games when a quick first touch makes a whole world of difference.

As much fun as it is owning a pair of boots like this, having someone that uses a shoe like this on a daily basis can provide a more meaningful insight. So, I reached out to a friend that plays pro indoor soccer. Norman Levesque is captain of MASL team Sacramento Surge, and he was up to providing some feedback on the shoes. Check out his thoughts below, and how the shoes have helped him rack up the goals this season!

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Adidas Ace 15.1 Primeknit CG Turf Soleplate

Right off the bat I’ve got to state that these are are the best boots I have worn while playing indoor up to this point! I realize that is a bold statement, but the Ace 15.1 Primeknit CG Turf really is an incredibly solid all-around indoor shoe.

An issue I’ve continually encountered playing indoor is DURABILITY. If these hold up, I definitely plan to wear them all season simply because they are soooo comfortable and have amazing feel to them. They also have a lot of support in the heel which is huge. The traction on the bottom let’s you release easy while making sharp turns and accelerating away quickly.

In terms of the upper, the mesh molds to your foot nicely and there was almost zero break in time for me….from what I could tell. They are also wide enough to make it very easy to put your foot on the top of the ball and control it. I guess this means they fit a little wider than standard indoor shoes. I like a spacious fit and enjoyed the loose feel across the front of my foot. They also have enough of a toe so that you can toe poke it if needed and not feel like your breaking your foot (Note: toe poke goals are my specialty!) From what I could tell, the grippy upper also had great control on shots as well.

Overall, these are an awesome boot!! Again, if they hold up they get 5 stars from me. A little bulky, maybe, but for me personally that proved not to be a bad thing. 

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Ace 15.1 Primeknit CG Turf

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