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Adidas TKRZ Goes Solar Green

Adidas TKRZ Solar Green

For players that want to “Boss the Cage”, adidas has just introduced a highly visable, Solar Green version of TKRZ. Compared to the original Core Black release, this version features a Shock Pink lining that really highlights the technical construction of the boot. It runs around the synthetic lining that keeps the TKRZ Zones in shape.

We’ve had a chance to test adidas TKRZ and the results were conclusive – these are definitely designed for a very specific style of players to wear in one particular arena.

Available from

Solar Green TKRZ

So, how is the overall performance of the upper with it’s synthetic/rubber mix? To the touch it has a lot of texture, with both materials forming different height levels. It also generally feels a lot thicker than you’d expect, taking away from the general pliability of the material. Out of the box they do feel stiff and are not the type of boot that you want to wear for an hour first time out. On the ball, you get an extremely clean touch and plenty of grip to keep the ball close to your feet. If you are looking for optimal control and the ability to have the ball looked against your shoe, this is a quality option!

The important thing here is not to assume the additional rubber means these are intended to be a power boot. When we think of a rubber compound added to boots, we are immediately drawn to visuals of boots like adida Predator and Warrior Skreamer. But these do not fall anywhere within that bracket. The material here is a lot more uniform with a light texturing. It feels a lot more compact and doesn’t feature definition, providing more grip and control than rebound.

Traction wise, they really are not the best boot out there. In fact, if you are looking to wear them as a game day boot on artificial turf, I’d recommend against it. I’m talking modern artificial turf here, where it mimics a natural grass surface. When adidas state “cage” they really mean these boots are intended for short sided cage play. I don’t see these as a game time boot and I recommend they only be used on what many would define to be astro-turf. Anything that is low to the ground and intended for extremely swift, close ball movement is where they are most useful.

This second colorway is currently available exclusively from

adidas TKRZ Upper and Soleplate

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  1. Now these cleats are going to help me out in a huge way. I'll tell you why.

    The front is nice and wide, after years and years of wearing cleats and kicking American football's my toes on my kicking foot are close to getting numb. I still have another 20+years, the most important years of playing and not any plane old cleat will help me. Breaking them in won't make them all worn in Those cleats will stay tight in the best places and keep the foot comfortable.

    Also the bottom has 5 studs, I'm guessing molded? Very short. Very comfortable. I could get used to those studs in a few day's after I grind them out to my Liking.

    Lastly, the bottom where usually other brands have rubber or plastic seperating the material and the bottom of the cleat. Well these look perfect. These can really be the most comfortable pair. I like the lacss and how they are designed. It will keep the instep of the foor nice and tight.
    I wear diadora kangaroo leather cleats, maybe an old pair of Addidas La Plotta cleats, rarely will you see a synthetic cleat on my foot, but. Adidas TKRZ I absolutely love the Rubber synthetic mix, beautiful idea.
    This will greatly help get back the comfort I really need in able to kick accurately and really put my leg into my kicks. Don't buy cleats cause theyre cool buy them for how comfortable they keep your foot so you can play cool. Adidas you guys have honestly started something that player's will need. You won by comfort at least what my eye see's.

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