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Puma v1.06 10th Anniversary Special Edition Release

Puma v1.06

Well, here is a release out of left field. A special, limited edition Puma v1.06 has been released to market as the signature boot celebrates it 10th anniversary since release.

Back in 2006, their introduction to the market was a BIG deal, as they became the fastest speed machine on the market. Players like Samuel Eto’o and Robert Pires provided the goods while wearing them. Their re-release, with only 500 pairs available, provides an opportunity to experience what the iconic boot had on offer, in a more modern landscape. Visually, they keep the same silhouette as the original, with that integrated off-center lacing system and full bodied “grind and burn” blade configuration on the soleplate. They also have an extremely thin 0.4 mm Schoeller ConTec with fleece padding upper.

Available at

Puma v1.06 2016

BUT, Puma has been very vague on the rest of the details, so we can’t be certain what they have in store. In similar fashion to Nike and adidas re-issues, I’d expect there to be some upgrades on this version. Otherwise, players could just pick old-school versions off eBay for half their $250 list price. In all honestly, how Puma has launched the boot is extremely odd in itself. There was no build up and no main stage intro like you’d expect to see for a boot of this stature. It feels awfully like a soft launch for a release with so much potential. More to come maybe?

What are your thoughts on this re-release and are you tempted in anyway to pick up a pair?

New Puma v1.06

New Puma v1.06 Soleplate

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