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Nike Magista Obra Women’s Edition – How Do They Compare to Men’s?

Nike Magista Obra Womens

One of the standout releases in Nike’s 2016 collection comes in the form of this after-dark style Magista Obra. Featuring a Black/Bright Crimson upper,  the Heather style faded pattern provides a unique look we haven’t seen on other releases to date. When you couple in the high-tech nature of the Obra itself, you are left with a very desirable release. This was the first boot released by Nike that combined a Flyknit upper with dynamic mid-cut collar. The upper also gets the Nikeskin treatment to provide fantastic control while dribbling the ball and receiving passes or crosses.

We actually had the opportunity to be present for this boot’s official release at Nike HQ, and they left quite a positive impact on those present. Yes, they are released specifically as a women’s boot, but what exactly does the mean? And can they be worn by male players? First, we take a look at the boots up close, and then we finish with a recap of how they fit and what players can expect if they decide to buy a pair.

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Womens Nike Magista Obra

Nike Magista Obra Womens Mid Cut Collar

Right through out the boot, Nike has perfectly coupled high impact colors with a new modern style knit pattern. By infusing a Black with White knit, the end result becomes a mixed grey style pattern that offers a Heather style appearance. Even through the forefoot, you can clearly see the design in play along the higher elevated regions that breaks through a primary black paint job.

Added to that, Bright Crimson detailing on the swoosh and through the laces create an extremely dynamic look. There is a distinct contrast in both colors used, but that creates a stand-out boot that suits players in need of a little extra panache without being too outlandish.

Nike Magista Obra Womens Upper

Nike Magista Obra Womens Soleplate

Mens vs Womens Nike Magista Obra

Men’s vs Women’s Sizing

Then there is a comparison to the men’s version, specifically when it comes to size. This is an area where we have receive repeated questions over the past few months. It seems that a lot of male players really enjoy the women’s colorway and need some help figuring out the fit and size.

The general rule of thumb is that women’s sizes are labelled 1.5 sizes above men’s. So, for example, if you are a size 9US men’s you would be looking at ordering a 10.5US women’s. That is a pretty close measurement, but it is not exact (per the graph below.) Rather than being a perfect like-for-like switch, each fit will sit as an in-between size, and thus the reason men’s and women’s sizes differ. If you were to order a 10US, it would likely fit just a little bit too tight, while ordering a 10.5US will likely give you a little bit extra space. But, it is a way smarter decision to go up a little extra bit and ensure they are not too tight.

Mens vs Womens Boot Sizing Comparison

Magista Obra Men vs Women

Comparing Mens and Womens Magista

Magista Obra Insole Compared Up Close

What About the Shape?

We often hear that women’s boots are designed specifically to fit women. Well, that is true, but only to the extent of the measurement of the insole and the above sizing rules. The in-between measurement is what makes them specific to women, and as such they don’t have an equivalent match on the men’s size. If you were to put the closest sizes side by side, they would look very similar but on foot there would be a slight difference. For some, the 1/4 size in between might actually prove beneficial.

Above is a comparison between a size 9US men’s and 9US women’s boot, obviously with the women’s sitting on top. Even though they are 1.5 sizes smaller, the general shape of the women’s across the top provides a solid indication of how they are very similar. The cut of both in similar and should leave you Magista Obra wearers confident that they can cross wear both boots (if the get the length correct).

Magista Obra Insole Compared

There is some bad news, however. Nike cap off the largest women’s Magista Obra size at 11US, or what would be a size 9.5US men’s. This obviously limits the option of picking up a pair for many of you. In terms of price, there is no difference – both are set with the same high-end $274.99 retail.

I’m hoping this post comes across clearly and the large amount of sizes listed doesn’t make it confusing. If it does seem overly complicated, feel free to leave your size and any relevant questions about sizing you have below, and I’ll provide some additional feedback.

You can currently find the Black/Bright Crimson women’s version at

Magista Obra Heel

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