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Joma Top Flex Indoor – Up Close With the 2016 Edition

Joma Top Flex Indoor

Over the past few seasons, Joma has been a brand that has fluctuated up and down between their newest releases. As we enter 2016, it seems like there is some intent for a fresh resurgence in the US, with a push to create much needed exposure. Case in point this vibrant Joma Top Flex release that features a mish-mash camo style sole. It is part of a new collection to hit US shores that is sure to grab some attention.

Available from soccer.com.

Joma Top Flex Unboxing

Joma Top Flex Profiled

The first thing to note about the Top Flex is that performance is not altered in any way. Joma are sticking with the tried and trusted model of their leading indoor boot. Where they differ in in visual design, and that incredibly vibrant sole holds the visual cues that Joma want players to see. Mixed inside the standard gum rubber soleplate is a range of Orange and Purple shades in a camo style. The only thing we can confirm about these is that they are not likely to blend in with many relevant surroundings!

Joma Top Flex Gum Rubber Outsole

Joma Top Flex Sole Detailing

Without doubt, the highlight of the boot lies in the traction on offer. The sole has a completely unique profile compared to other indoor shoes, with Joma choosing a more rounded shape and step in the middle of the shoe. This, according to Joma, means you are getting a more natural fit that offers an increased level of comfort. I tend to agree and really felt the sole was in sync with the movement of my fit. The sole is made of gum rubber, which of course is non-marking, and the level of traction is about as good as you are going to get. Quick turns are a breeze and I never felt like they were going to give – something that is vitally important playing indoor.

Joma Top Flex On Foot

Overall performance wise, the Top Flex is a very competitive shoe. They are continually considered one of the better indoor specific options and sell really well. You can tell that Joma have put a lot of time and energy into ensuring their indoor range matches up to the best the market has to offer. As stated above, the sole is designed to give you every advantage on court and it is definitely the highlight of the shoe. They are, however, a little bulkier with a stiffer upper than other options on the market. Given the current state of the market, lighter is often the more sought after option, so you can see how these might not get a positive reaction from the up and coming crop of players. But for those that value durability (and of course value) these are a fantastic option.

Joma Top Flex Forefoot

Joma Top Flex Leather Upper

You’ve got some options when it comes to picking up a pair, depending on your budget. In general, these boots are absolute top value for money. But, right now the older models are available at sale prices. This featured version is seen as a second generation release, even though there is technically nothing new performance wise. The primary difference is the updated design and camo style gum rubber sole.

Side note, included in the box you get an additional pair of laces – in this case you can choose between the pictured white and an orange that matches the upper. On the boots, you will also find a number of tags that include details on the boots and Joma as a brand. It might seem mundane, but I love when brands include something a little different, when they invest some time to provide us as customers with extra information that offers some insight into who they are.

Find the entire line-up, there are currently 6 pairs, available at soccer.com.

Joma Top Flex Tongue

Joma Top Flex Label

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  1. can you review other lines as well? Like joma superflex / supersonic / dripple … etc.

  2. Thanks for these reviews (I’ve been reading through old reviews lately)! Just a quick question about sizing: I think you suggested ordering half a size down for the older model of the Joma Top Flex shoes. Do you still recommend ordering down a size for the 2016 model? Thanks!

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