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Up Close - New Balance Visaro Pro in "White/Toxic" - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Up Close – New Balance Visaro Pro in “White/Toxic”

New Balance Visaro Pro Feature

New Balance welcomed in their spring collection with this bright and vibrant White/Toxic version of the Visaro Pro. The reaction to date has been very positive, with fans loving the neon lime pop that is added to a primary white upper. What provides something a little extra is the detailing inside the dimple textured upper, it makes a very unmistakable look.

Although not enamored with the performance of Visaro, it is the best boot New Balance has released to date. It offers nice feel, great shape and fits the mold of a control style boot real well. To the touch, there is obviously enough material to reduce impact and provide a padded feel, which for a boot that weighs in at 7.7oz is awfully impressive. Built in a sort of Hypervenom mold, the Visaro is not a boot that will knock your socks off, but it is a boot built for players that want to create and make chances.

Available at

New Balance Visaro Pro Toxic Feature

New Balance Visaro Pro Upper

Visaro Pro White Toxic Up Close

The upper material is officially called Ariaprene synthetic. Through the forefoot, it has a 4mm cut with a 2mm in the areas where the material “sinks in”. This is essentially the embossed dots that cover the upper. Visually, it looks like a mesh covered by a deeper layered panel, almost like it was melted on. Along the strikezone, things are just a little different. A series of vertical stacks are added through the region, providing even deeper grooved texturing. It is labeled as the Vari-Zone, and its role is to improve ball manipulation.

In play, it has a slightly stiffer feel than I’d like. It doesn’t offer that ultra responsive feel that most newer synthetic materials now offer. There are positives to take from this boot, including the suede like inner lining that holds your foot firmly in place. I’m a big fan of this. But, comfort wise I was left wanting more from the Visaro, most notably in the general feel of the upper material.

New Balance Visaro Pro Soleplate

Flip the boot over and you will find a very clean, yet advanced Super-Flex soleplate in play. A smooth Toxic base is covered with a balanced layer of triangular style studs and a Vibrant White area called the Medial Pivot Zone that sits right under the big toe joint. The latter is in place to provide a quick pivot and faster acceleration as players turn with or without the ball. Four conical studs cover the region and it is a noticeable component through play. Basically, the stud positioning coupled with an altered plate increases the speed your foot hits and releases from the surface. Designed as an FG boot, that is where they are at their optimal best but don’t rule out using these on AG. The low profile setup ensures they will also be very proficient when you are playing on turf.

Something else important to note is that the insole is glued in place, so it is not removable. It is a pretty impressive insole with plenty of spring and a very comfortable feel. You also get the positive of knowing it won’t move right through wear. But, if you use an insert, make sure to keep this in mind.

From a visual perspective, NB has got these absolutely spot on with a clean design scheme. Right out of the box, they have a special feel about them. If they manage to improve performance on future releases (most notably the upper material) and keep colorways like these coming, there is huge potential for NB to be a success on the US market.

Find the White/Toxic Visaro Pro available at

New Balance Visaro Pro Side Profile Toxic

New Balance Visaro Heel Toxic

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