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What is the Puma evoSPEED "Fresh"? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 25 2024

What is the Puma evoSPEED “Fresh”?

Puma evoSPEED Fresh

Puma’s marketing strategy of late has been to focus on a smaller number of silos, with plenty of new releases that carry a signature title. Case in point their latest introduction in the form of a technically advanced boot called evoSPEED Fresh. Not only does this boot take on a new upper material, but it is super lightweight (4.1oz) and comes with a very competitive price compared to other releases in the evoSPEED series.

You can officially place these within the summer soccer category, thanks to an extremely breathable mesh upper that is reinforced with a special coating. These are all about keeping your feet cool as the temperature rises, allowing air to circulate through without letting moisture in.

Available from

evoSPEED Fresh Mesh Upper

evoSPEED Fresh

evoSPEED Fresh Up Close

So, lets talk mesh for a second, and exactly how the upper is constructed. There are technically 3 layers to these. First on top of your boot is a super thin textile. On top of that is the mesh material that covers the entire upper, and then you get the reinforced coating. This coating covers key areas, including across the toes and through the instep – where the text “support mesh” is positioned. We can’t offer a whole lot of feedback on performance at this point, but note that the feel throughout the upper is incredibly pliable.

evoSPEED Fresh SupportMesh

Puma evoSPEED Fresh Heel Design

An area that has caused confusion and is important to cover is “where are they are designed for use?” You will need to stick to FG surfaces while wearing them – so use on turf is completely out of the question. From experience, we can tell you that if you do decide to wear them on hot turf, expect the upper and soleplate to separate! They do come with a “90-day footwear guarantee” but don’t expect that to extend to use on TF when they come with an advanced warning.

Puma evoSPEED Fresh SL Soleplate

The soleplate itself is the same one found on the entire current evoSPEED series, including on the recently released evoSPEED SL-S and evoSPEED SL K. It is flexible enough to actually bend in pretty much any obscure direction, while also featuring some pretty unique design elements. For example, on the heel you will find a tri-stud configuration, with a conical sitting on the inner side and two blades running along the outer edge. The single conical stud features a unique depth profile, with an inside groove surrounding its position. The concept of this style is to reduce material without affecting overall traction.

Although they don’t feature the SL title, these are one of the lightest boots ever released to market. They also extend the evoSPEED line-up, which now stands as one of the most diverse on the market!

When it comes to price, Puma has taken a very different approach with these and it is something I appreciate. Rather than banging at the upper echelons of prices like their brethren, these come in at a very competitive $150, providing everyday players with a realistic opportunity of actually affording a pair.

If you are considering a pair, find them listed at

evoSPEED Fresh Released

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