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Up Close – Under Armour SpeedForm “Spring”, Limited Edition

Under Armour Speedform Spring

If you are looking for a way to double down on a mothers day gift and some new boots, you might want to consider the latest Under Armour Speedform colorway. Well, it is actually less colorway and more artistic design. Under Armour has labeled this one “Spring“, but I prefer “Flowers“as it technically means if you give them to your mom you are doing a respectful deed. Then after she is done with them (don’t let her soak them in water!) you get to take them on to the pitch and into some game action. I’d call that a win-win.

Ok, so the chances that actually works is pretty slim. But you have to take a minute and appreciate the bold design placed on this UA Speedform. We really haven’t seen a truly bold release like this since the original Pink Vapors produced a head scratching reaction. If you haven’t experienced the performance of Speedform, you really should consider them – and these could add a bold statement as you debut a pair on pitch!

If you want a limited edition pair, find them listed at soccer.com.

Under Armour Speedform Spring Boxed

Under Armour Speedform Spring On Foot

One of the best things about the Speedform is how they just seem to get better with wear. Since featuring our review, I’ve worn the Emerald Lake version several additional times and the upper just continues to mold and conform to my exact forefoot specifications. The end result is a pitch perfect fit that provides excellent touch and control on the ball.

When it comes to that articulated toe box, there are a few important things to note. First off, it doesn’t feel stiff like you might image. From images, it seems like the material might be stiff and rigid, an effect of creating a toe contoured mold. But it is pretty pliable and sits comfortably right across your forefoot. In order to make it work, an underlay cage system is used and it forms as part of the aesthetic design of the boot. This is the scale like pattern, which up close has the appearance of a wire fence. It is very pliable and simple acts as a structural support system.

Finally, the same contours run through the front portion of the footbed, as seen in the image below, providing a more uniform fit right around your toes!

UA Speedform Spring

Under Armour Speedform Spring Flowers

So, how does the “Spring” design come together on the boot and what is it all about? It has a digital print look about it, where the high-quality copy of the spring flower design has been professionally placed directly onto the upper material. The overall clarity of colors and image is extremely crisp. Up close the tulips and blades of grass have a realistic appearance. There isn’t an inch of material left without some detailing, as UA cover the forefoot, through midfoot and around the heel.

Some have asked if the design is set to stay in place over time, or if it will wear off? I haven’t worn these enough to have a valid answer to that. But I have been wearing the Speedform Superman extensively and the design is still fully in tact. The upper has been dealt a blow or two from opposition studs and I’ve worn them on grass, so they do look a little beat up. But the actual design has not worn off. I’d expect the same from these.

Obviously, this is the type of visual appearance that fits a very unique niche of fans. Wearing flowers on your boots really sets a statement – determining if that is a good or bad thing comes down to your confidence! I can’t say I’m the type of player that would purchase these for the sake of wearing them, but I am glad to have secured a pair as part of my collection.

UA Speedform Flowers Up Close

UA Speedform Spring Boxed

What is even more impressive about the Speedform is just how comfortable they are. From a memory foam style sole lining with mesh to an extra layer of padding around the heel, your feet just feel at home from the very first wear. Because there is no insole, (the side walls follow as one piece across the insole) the complete fit feels very natural and connected. The upper material also has a very moldable feel that plays a role in how comfortable your foot is. This is particularly important through the heel, where a seamless molded heel counter is topped off with the soft synthetic material. It reduces any chance of players getting a blister in these boots – yes, I can say with confidence that the style of these boots will ensure your heel is kept in check without opportunities to rub or cause discomfort. If you regularly encounter heel issues with boots, you absolutely need to check these out!

Under Armour Speedform Spring Comfort Boot

Under Armour Speedform Spring Side Profile

In terms of sizing, there are a very much true to size and extremely comfortably option. UA has created perfect dimensions right through the forefoot of this boot, with a definite true to fit length and a nice spacious width. If you have any concerns about the ridges of the articulated box-toe, don’t be. The material is very soft and molds to your foot shape. So, even if you have a wider fit, the boot tends to shift and refocus to your particular needs!

These were originally released for Mothers Day in the UK with Memphis Depay debuting them on pitch. For those of you in the US, consider this your reminder; Mothers Day falls on May 8th!

Again, find limited edition pairs currently available at soccer.com.

Under Armour Speedform Flowers Soleplate

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