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Up Close – Puma Tricks 2016, Plus A GIVEAWAY!

evoSPEED and evoPOWER Tricks

Last week, we had a large selection of boots arrive is as part of the introduction for the latest Puma Tricks collection that will be worn in the biggest international tournaments this summer. This time around, Pink Glo covers the left boot while a blast of Safety Yellow sits on the surface of the right.

On offer there is a pair of evoSPEED 1.5, evoPOWER 1.3 and a modern classic in the evoSPEED SL II LTHR. All offer their own type of performance, with different players allowed the opportunity to wear unique two-tone boots in accordance with how they play the game.

Out of the line-up, fans will be familiar with the performance on offer with evoPOWER 1.3. Other than the vivid dual tone colorway, everything remains perfectly unchanged. The evoPOWER 1.3 is a relatively new boot to the market, with the new-age power hybrid receiving plenty of positive feedback as Puma implement a similar construction to the original evoPOWER release.

The evoSPEED 1.5 is where we are currently placing our focus, as we look to get a review of them posted as soon as possible. Puma has made some modifications to change-up general performance of the speed silo. You can see from images there is a grip layer through the forefoot and it plays a valid role. Inside the boots, you get a very unique cage system unlike any we have seen before.

Puma evoSPEED 1.5 Boxed

Puma evoSPEED 1.5 Forefoot Grip

Puma evoSPEED 1.5 Upper


Puma evoSPEED SL LTHR Upper


Then there is the leather evoSPEED SL II. This is a boot that weighs in at 5.2oz, something that is extraordinary for something with a super supple leather upper. In hand, they have a quality feel and on feet they are far more comfortable than you’d expect.

There has been concern from players that Puma’s SL boots are all designed for limited play, but it is not the case with these. They come with a 90-day money back guarantee, and if you are a goal club member, they are currently listed at $168 – original retail is $240. If you have ever considered jumping on a pair, this represents a solid opportunity.

There is a huge line-up of boots available in this Puma Tricks collection – find them all currently listed at

Puma evoPOWER 1.3 Tricks Giveaway

Puma evoPOWER 1.3 Giveaway

We’ve got a pair of evoPOWER Tricks that we want to give up for giveaway, so that someone else has an opportunity to check out their performance. Entering is really easy. First, make sure you are following us on social media – we are everywhere these days and would love to have you guys following along:

Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Snapchat: SoccerCleats101

Then, leave a comment below with your answer to the following:

If you won, what would a pair of Puma Tricks do to your game?

Feel free to keep the answers witty and entertaining but clean! Bonus points if you give us a laugh. Giveaway runs through midnight Saturday, May 21st 2016. Open to all entries BUT winner must have a US shipping address or be willing to pay international shipping. Finally, SoccerCleats101 has final say on all matters related to the giveaway!

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. A pair of Evopower Tricks would perhaps make it seem like I have skill, or even blind defenders with the fairly toned down color way. Surely hoping they don't turn me into Balotelli, if he's still on Puma that is. I'd hate to score a few times and then think the question "why always me?" refers to my goal scoring ability rather than my accumulation of cards and memes.

  2. Vince Robitaille

    Winning a pair of Puma Evopower Tricks would enable me to be as good-looking as Giroud.
    *winks in a flirtatious manner*

  3. These would definitely match with my favorite starburst flavors 😋

  4. I will be a next Santi Cazorla, like his son Enzo😀

  5. Gelacio Sanchez

    A pair of evoPOWER boots would enhance my career which has come to a close now. But would give me that feeling of unboxing a new pair of new boots freshly arrived in the mail. As well as the feeling of not being able to wait until the next training session and having your mates ask about the new boots. All that nostalgia would fill me up again if I won these boots, it would remind me of the days of wearing odd color boots (ie. Puma PowerCat Gravity special editions).

  6. My game would improve with the Tricks series uncanny flavor. instead of being the same of monochromatic me.

  7. Winning a pair of evopower tricks would make worth the time I spend checking this website:)

  8. Let’s say for a moment that my skill level is on an even par with that of a grade school player (which it might be). The instant I put on these shoes, my game would change so dramatically that no longer would people say “Hey look at that guy, he looks so lost and clueless on the pitch today…” But they would say “Man, that guy with the sweet Pumas looks so lost and clueless on the pitch today…”

  9. Everyone knows Tricks are for kids and since my niece 12 yrs old qualified for the region 4 championships via the great state of nevada this would give her a great opportunity to flash those tricks at a major soccer event. .. p.s. her last pair …adidas f50’s were bought from your eBay account and they are on their last leg

  10. if I win the evopower 1.3 tricks, it would make it so I wouldn't constantly slip back and forth on the pitches I play on, my evopower 1.2s studs are really worn down, and hey, I might learn a few tricks (heehe see what I did there?)

  11. If I got these Tricks, then my teammates would actually notice me on the field and pass me the ball and I would be hitting screamers from the half line and bicycle kicks from 30 yards out. Also women would notice me from far away because of the bright colors and run on the field after I score a backheel volley from outside the box. Scouts from every club in Europe would come and watch me. I would sign a contract with Chelsea and become the top scorer in the Premier League then bring Chelsea back to the Champions League. I would get sponsorship offers from Nike and Adidas but I would continue to wear these until they were shredded to pieces which would happen while I was scoring the winner in the CL final but Bryan would run onto the field and give me another pair of Tricks.

  12. A pair of Puma Tricks would show the younger players that us senior players have style too!

  13. A pair of EvoPower 1.3 tricks would improve my game by striking fear into the hearts of my enemies! The flash of different color on each foot surely portrays my ability to be dangerous and unpredictable with each boot. I feel the evopower tricks are a good representation of my game. Unpredictable, unexpectedly fast, and powerful. Also, who doesn't like a boy with some pink on? 😉

  14. A pair of evoPower 1.3 Tricks will help me take combine my traits into one,i'm both pacey and creative,evoPower 1.3 is the one for me!

  15. it would help me stop wearing my nikes that don't actually fit me 😛

  16. I sure would like a pair of EvoPower 1.3s so that I can:
    Only score in games against bottom table teams like Giroud.
    Look good on the bench like Carzola.
    Disappear in plain sight like Yaya Toure.
    Always look confused like Monreal.
    Defend a title like Fabregas.

    And finally, wear an undershirt that reads 'Why always me?' like Balotelli.

    Clearly I need these 🙃

  17. A pair of evopowers would let me score those 7 yard screamers

  18. they would make me a better player because it's all about the boots

  19. A pair of tricks would let me relive my high school glory days and help me ind the net as much as cazorla

  20. William Beltran

    If I win, pair of tricks will change my game by causing a distraction when I’m blocking a penalty kick

  21. Camas Rinehart

    These evopowers look amazing and hopefully would distract any spectators from my mistakes. In all seriousness, these cleats look amazing and would help me out.

  22. Winning a pair of evopower tricks would help me up my game to mabye make varsity this year. And if I dont, I'd have some of the coolest cleats on JV.

  23. Winning a part of evopower tricks will make me stand out from the crowd and distract my opponents with the bright colors.

  24. I would master tricks and run the game like a puma, no lion king.
    Busting moves like Neymar, keep your eyes on me
    Defend like pique, I wouldn't let those hips lie to me.
    So many megs family guy would start suing,
    Upper 90's in the skills net, Don't let me start shooting.
    Counting all my enemies losses, I can still hear Chelsea fans still booing.
    Bright colors you can see me a mile from town,
    Score so many goals Ronaldo comes out and starts calming everyone down.

  25. Olivier Giroud, Marco Reus, Cesc Fabregas and now Elliot Armitage (that’s me!) What do these top players have in common? They like to score goals and play with style. Sadly, where I’m left out is on the Tricks side. But I’d love the opportunity to get out of my evoSPEED 2.3 and into something with a little bit of quality! They prob won’t improve my game but I’ll look good working to take it to the next level. Appreciate your site and all the updates on new boots.

  26. Adrian Jaramillo

    Winning these would help me add that extra oomph to my shots that I so desire. It would also help me look good by adding that extra flash every time I score.

  27. Trying to win these for my niece. She's 12 and has man feet hence why we call her yeti/bigfoot.

  28. The colors will make me look like The Flash leaving a trail (and the defenders) behind me.
    The material will make me fly like Hermes with wings on my shoes.
    The logo would represent my future as a collegiate athlete and an olympian.

  29. its free advertising for a future olympian cant beat that…nike does it and there running a sweatshop. Winner winner chicken dinner !! I look good and you look good..

  30. A pair of Puma Tricks would not only make my game flashier then it already is, but it would allow me to play outdoor better because turfs just don't cut it and I haven't had a new pair of boots in 5 years. Help a brother stay sane by doing what he loves to do while in law school!

  31. Victor Echeverria


    I hope I win

  32. Obviously these boots would make me shine like a star because they are just so god dang sexy… #PumaGangForLife !!!

  33. If I won this pair of puma evospeed tricks I would feel like the coolest cat on the field and because of this I would score screamers from 30 yards and proceed to do flips because the boots are so light I could finally complete an amazing celebration like a backflip

  34. I’m currently am okay at soccer but my shot are so upsetting that I can’t even score a penalty literally and I really think that this pair of boots that will improve my shots. I’ve seen people shoot in them a they were beautiful shots and I bet if I had these puma tricks I could shoot beautifully too for example amazing rebonas, brilliant bicycle kicks maybe even fantastic scorpion kicks and cross bars and that how these puma tricks could improve my shots tremendously

  35. plz i just love these pair..i want these.i wish i could win thses

  36. If i won cleats i would play like aguero.

  37. abdoulaye diallo

    love to win these boots mate

  38. Evopower would give my shot power like in shaolin soccer!! #reallifegoal

  39. size 5.5

  40. I love Evospeed yet I haven't worn it . I believe that much that since speed is that of my unique trait in football, so I believe that evospeed will help me experience the extend of my speed without compromising my touches since most boots don't flow with my trait or give that swift advantage I sense in evospeed, and on top of that Evospeed is super cool and dope look. with that I got have a taste of it.

  41. If i luckly won this then that pair of Puma Tricks would help alot in my future games!
    First i have to mention that my school soccer season is not so far away so i really need them so i can shine like a professional soccer player, i would really love to have a pair of this cleats becase it mentions that is specifically made to increase the speed of the player so i would like to try it myself to see if its true because thats something that i believe is a very important factor in soccer the speed, if this cleats actually do increase my speed they will have a great impact on my games because im alrea dug pretty fast but with the help of this cleats I will be even faster and my oponents wont have a chance against me, with this cleats i will surely bring a lot of goals to my team.
    I would really like to win this cleats.
    Thank you for reading my comment.

  42. I would actually have a pair of shoes to play in, not my bare feet..

  43. it would definately improve my soccer game as a winger, as i am seeking to buy a new boot and aint gat the cash to do so.

  44. When i win, the Puma tricks will make be feel complete and it will make me better on the field. THANK YOU Soccer Cleats 101! I hope I'll be the winner.

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