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First Look – Under Armour Spotlight “Prototype”

Ua Spotlight Prototype Blackout

Typically reserved for elite athletes, Under Armour treated us to a prototype pair and early access of their latest boot, UA Spotlight LE FG. Spotlight is a boot specifically designed for players that base their game on speed and acceleration, released with the tagline All Eyes on Speed.

This prototype pair features a Blackout style design intended to hide the visual characteristics of Spotlight, allowing players and those testing them an opportunity to focus on real time performance. This is not the pair that will go to market first.

In order to take Speedform to next level, a boot we had a tremendously positive experiences with, UA has made some minor modifications to this new model. Rather than the contoured forefoot design that distinguished its predecessor, Spotlight takes on a cleaner, rounded surface. There is also some added grip through the area, but it is more about ensuring players have better feel on the ball. The overall design heads in the same direction that most other speed boots do, so it loses some of its uniqueness to become a more routined market challenger.

UA Spotlight Blackout

UA Spotlight Upper

UA Spotlight Prototype Heel

What UA has done so impressively with these is taken the core fundamentals of Speedform that made them a winner and kept them unchanged. For example, the fit of the boots and comfort provided. Look inside the boot and you’ll find a one-piece inner lining that hugs your foot as you step in. Add an anatomical heel cup and you are locked down in place through wear. I’m also a HUGE fan of the ankle lining, with a light grip material added just inside the lip to provide a little extra traction between foot and sock. Underfoot, the soleplate also stays unchanged, another positive considering how well they perform on both AG and SG surfaces. Contours run through the front portion of the footbed, providing a more uniform fit right around your toes.

There is a lot more to come on these in the coming days including a full review, as we bring you exclusive firsthand info on what these have on offer. Make sure to follow us on TwitterInstagram and Snapchat (username: SoccerCleats101) if you want to see different angles of the boots. And for those interested in securing a pair, June 1st is when the intro colorway will be released to market!

Under Armour Spotlight Soleplate

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  1. So odd, had these on their website just last night for $125.99 for the hybrid model, and a model called BL, red and Black color way. Now they've been removed. I know it wasn't the American football version, because of the different stud pattern.

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