Tuesday , May 30 2023

Reconnecting With A “New-Old” Hypervenom

Hypervenom Phinish Spark Brilliance

As part of the Spark Brilliance pack, Nike has released a completely reinvigorated Hypervenom silo. It is a brave move from Nike, but one that I know a lot of fans appreciate and has already shown signs of paying off. It is the reintroduction of a 3-D, dimple textured, NikeSkin upper on the agility boot that has fans so excited, providing the same clean, cushioned touch on the ball that made the original Hypervenom so popular. A tongueless upper (it is attached on both sides of the boot) and integrated Flywire cables (Magwire) ensure you get an upgraded locked in fit and feel.

This is one of those posts where the initial performance of a boot needs to be rewarded with some sort of intro while I’m reviewing them. Everything about these Hypervenom Phinish has been super positive to date – they are such a glorious boot to wear.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the boots is the wide girth through the forefoot, something a lot of you will be happy to hear about. These accommodate a wide variety of fits, something the second generation didn’t do so well.  And already  I am all about these and what they have on offer; a lightweight, attacking style boot that really does fit the mold as a top playmaker option.

Nike Hypervenom Phinish Unboxing

Hypervenom Phinish Upper

Is this Nike’s way of accepting the request of many fans and going back to the original upper full time, or is this simply a one off? We know that this design is due to sit on more colorways, but we are not sure just yet if it is a permanent option for Hypervenom. From a performance perspective, I seriously hope this is a

If you want to snag a pair of Hypervenom Phinish find them at soccer.com.

Side Profile Nike Hypervenom

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  1. Does it look like Nike have addressed the durability issues that the first hypervenom had? I know to end boots are primarily performance over durability but as a consumer it was a problem.

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