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What Soccer Boots Are Actually Worth +$250?

Top Tier Soccer Boots

I’ve had some interesting conversations lately surrounding boots and one question that stood out was based on whether or not high-end boot price were worth the money. If I HAD to buy a pair that cost +$250 or more, which pairs would they be? Given the current market, and the fact I’m always commenting about boots not being worth their price, it is a legit question that deserves a response.

In reality, there are only 3 brands to consider here; adidas, Nike and Puma.

Lets start by eliminating Puma. Their boots are built on the ideals of extreme lightweight speed, and with that comes a lack of durability. No matter the overall performance provided, who wants to pay that much for a boot not even guaranteed to get you through a half season?

That leaves Nike and adidas, both of which lead the way with high priced releases. It seems like new pairs are hitting the market every week, whether that be a fresh colorways or a limited edition boot run. Players are spoiled for choice. In order to answer the question, I’m taking boots released in the past 2 years and including them all as available, viable options.

Ace15+ Primeknit

1. adidas ACE15+ Primeknit

These boots are pure quality and about as comfortable as you will ever wear. On feet, there is such a natural bliss about wearing the Primeknit material as it gently hugs your foot, creating a secure blanketed fit without being overbearing. They are for real, pass the test and are a boot that I completely recommend checking out. Simple as!

Not available at retail, but you can find some great deals on pairs at eBay.

Hypervenom Phantom Spark Brilliance

2. Nike Hypervenom Phantom II

A boot that I have yet to finish a review on, but one that has already made a very positive impression. You get all the benefits of Hypervenom and the return of the original upper with a mid cut collar and integrated Flywire cables (Magwire) that ensure you get an upgraded locked in fit and feel that so many fans crave. A lightweight, attacking style boot that really does fit the mold as a top playmaker option.

The Spark Brilliance colorway is available at

Nike Magista Obra BHM

3. Nike Magista Obra BHM

The Magista Obra falls ever so slightly below the $250 value line, but the 2016 BHM pattern placed on the upper of the boot puts them on another level. Design wise, we are talking rainbow river with a masterful black lattice covering, a multi-color design crossing the surface of that Flyknit upper, creating a imaginative pattern on one of the most comfortable boots currently on the market.

Not available for retail, but you can find them at high prices on eBay.



The first legitimate laceless boot that can be worn comfortably in game! Three years in the making, they are designed to create the cleanest possible strike using a larger surface area to generate greater power and accuracy. The laces have been replaced with three key design features for added stability and increased performance. A knitted upper also locks the foot into the boot and combines with a techfit locking system to create an incredible, sock-like fit.

Several colorways are currently available at

Mizuno morelia Neo in Blue Volt

5. Mizuno Morelia Neo MIJ

Although I stated there was only 3 brands, how could I complete a list like this without an MIJ inclusion? Many would go regular Morelia, but I’m a big fan of what the more modern Morelia Neo has on offer. Mizuno mesh together high quality materials with top class, super comfortable fit and somehow manage to pack it into a lightweight 6.3oz package. Compared to the market, it is one of the lightest speed boots out there, especially when you consider it features a hand-crafted K-leather upper!

Several new colorways are currently available at

And that is the list. In my opinion, everything else on the market comes with a price that is just too high for what is on offer performance wise. The only other possible exception would be the extremely clean looking NJR X Jordan Hypervenom, but I haven’t experienced them in person so can’t include them. Are there any other pairs you’d include on the list? If so, let us know below!

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  1. Very curious why the Brasil OG was not in this conversation?

  2. There is no boot that is worth its price tag outside of the adidas Gloro and nike premier. The only reason to say boots this expensive are worth the money would be to boost your affiliate $ with Come on Bryan, you're better than this. You haven't posted about a retailer outside of for months, despite better prices abounding elsewhere. This site started my nerd-dom, but it so rarely offers me the comfort that it once did.

    • Did you miss this in the opening paragraph? "the fact I’m always commenting about boots not being worth their price". If you follow me you'd know I'm always advising going for older models and sale boots that are much better value for money. And would it make sense to write an article and then include no information on where they can be found?

      If you have other sites where prices are cheaper, please feel free to share to help others out!

  3. You say the hyper venom phantom 2 (v2), but could you really recommend paying ca. 250 for them when the phinish are available for much less? Is the collar really worth the extra money?

  4. No X16+ in the list?

  5. I"m trying to get my hands on Nike Mercurial Superfly.JR or Hypervenom Phantom 2.JR and my feet are quiet wide which ones do think are better for people with wide feet.

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