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Are There Durability Issues With the Tiempo Legend 6?

Nike Tiempo 6 Unboxing

Over the past few weeks, we have received many emails and social media messages in regard to the durability of the Nike Tiempo Legend 6. It has become a common theme, with players reporting the upper separates from the soleplate after only a few wears. Obviously not an ideal situation.

When I reviewed Tiempo 6 several months ago, I was fortunate enough not to encounter any issues with them, right through testing. I’ve still got them and have worn them several times since the actual review, again they have held up well. Maybe I have’t put them through the same type of conditions that you guys are encountering daily, or maybe I just got an extra durable pair. So, unfortunately (or fortunately) I can’t directly relate to the negative experience that you are running into.

But, it really does seems to be a big issue, especially for folks who are on a budget and pushing their wallet thin just to get a pair. After a little more investigating, it seems that Nike’s site also has a huge number of complaints in regards to their durability. This is where I found the following, which I hope helps some of you out:

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with the Tiempo Legend VI Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat. It doesn’t sound like it has held up as you expected. We always suggest returning the product to the original place of purchase. If they are unable to help you out please call 1-800-344-6453 to discuss additional options. If the product was purchased from or a Nike Retail Store, please give our team a call at 1-800-806-6453.

Tiempo Reviews

At least Nike are aware of the issue, and there is some sort of a resolution that can be found for consumers. Some other advice I’d like to offer you guys on the subject.

  1. First and foremost, make sure you are purchasing your boots from a reliable online website or brick and mortar store. There are a lot of counterfeit sources out there, so you need to be sure what you are getting from the start is the real thing.
  2. Second, make sure you are keeping receipts for your boot purchase, so you fall in line with any warranty on the product.
  3. Third, make sure you are wearing the boots on the correct surface – these are FG, so technically they should only be worn on natural firm ground pitches. You are likely to be asked where you’ve worn them; if you say AG you are likely to miss out on a return!
  4. And finally, make sure to treat your boots with care, clean them after use and keep them stored out of direct sunlight and away from heaters!

Have you worn a pair of Tiempo Legend 6 or know someone that has experienced the same issue? Let us know in the comments, whether your experience was positive or negative.

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  1. Another area for concern is that a lot of people may not be taking care of the leather the way they should. Leather is skin, and like skin will crack when it becomes dry. Even if not bone dry like it has been baked in the sun, it still requires frequent nourishment. I am sure some players are still having durability issues even with proper care but I am sure that there is a large community that haven't taken care of them the way they should.

    • I have my Adidas predator powerswerve all the way back from 2009. I don’t wash it for years, never treat with leather food or any kind of care product.
      The Leather still hold up and no sole separation.
      You can’t just blame people not taking care it. Build Quality sure play a very big role in how long the shoes last.

  2. had to return my Nike Tiempo legend 6 FG cleats after only two weeks of use. These cleats fit great and are super comfortable BUT fell apart REALLY quickly. The front of the soleplate separated or came unglued from the upper at the front of the toe box.

  3. My son's second pair of Tiempo's suffered from sole separation, just like the first. He loves the boot but we're done.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives?

  4. My son is on his 3rd pair of Legend 6's.!! He swears by them as the best boots he's worn but this is the last pair….we have a pair of Adidas primeknit in the new white/gold colour coming from the UK shortly, so this pair of tiempos will be his spare. I have sent 2 pairs now back to nike. And this time gave asked for a refund not a replacement. They need to sort this out.

    • Legend 6 – Two months of use and they are done. Sole plate separation all the way to mid-foot and an actual hole in the leather on the outside under the swoosh at the sole plate. A HOLE!! won't do anything, its "wear and tear" they say… but they will give me free standard shipping on my next order! I'd love to take advantage of that but I will not be buying from you guys again after you were so dismissive of my situation. There, rant over.

      Nike Tiempo Legend 6 – aka. GARABGE

  5. Just got a pair of these for my daughter in the spring for school soccer season after she developed blisters on a fancy expensive pair with the sock. They are separating so badly, I have to get her new ones for the start of fall travel. Complete crap.

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