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The Official Copa America Centenario Final Ball

Nike Ordem Campeon

If you tune in to watch the Copa America final today, you might notice a brand spanking new, standout gold ball being used in play. Argentina and Chile will take to the field using a special edition version of Nike Ordem Ciento (the ball used through the tournament) for the big finale.

The Nike Ordem Campeon celebrates the historic moment, both the contest’s centennial anniversary and the first time the COPA America has been hosted by the United States, with a graphic that modernizes football’s classic geometric design and embellishes it with bold sweeps of gold. You get the same high quality performance as the regular tournament ball, just with a new paint job.

Nike Ordem Campeon (c)

Nike Ordem Campeon (a)

Nike Ordem Campeon (b)

Given its appearance, I think there will be a few folks disappointed to hear that this ball will only be used during the tournament’s final match and that it will not go on sale. If you happen to be at the game and a ball flies into the crowd, it might be worth trying to grab it and smuggle it out under your t-shirt!

If you do need a new ball, however, the Nike Ordem Ciento has received plenty of positive feedback from players as the official ball of the Copa America Centenario. Designed and engineered for a highly sensitive feel and explosive response off the foot, the ball consists of 12 fuse-welded panels in a three-layer casing system and a poly-blend wrapped, free-floating carbon latex bladder. The ball’s NIKE AEROW TRAC grooves, Nike Football’s newest proprietary innovation are engineered to grip and channel air to produce the truest trajectory and most consistent flight, which help ensure stability and accuracy mid-air.

You can find the Ordem Ciento available at

Nike Ordem Campeon Copa Centenario

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