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Up Close – “Pitch Dark” Nike Superfly V

Nike Superfly V Pitch Dark

Coming off our comprehensive review of the Nike Superfly V, it made sense to follow-up with an up close look at the second colorway release in the series.

This Black/Total Crimson version was released as part of the Pitch Dark Pack and provides a stealthier look in the speed focused series. The swoosh gets a Total Crimson hit (it is basically a pink) with a dark silver shimmer fill-in effect. The dynamic mid-cut collar takes on the same black shade as the boot. With a pair of black socks on (as per the image below) it has a total blend effect from boot through your knee.

Nike Superfly V Pitch Dark Unboxing

Nike Superfly V Pitch Dark Hyper Crimson

Pitch Dark Superfly V Swoosh

What really sets these apart is how the speed ribs have a standout visual thanks to the Blackout upper design. If there is anything I absolutely love about these boots it is the textured upper that cover the upper. For the first time, Nike leveraged data-informed texture mapping to create a Flyknit “speed rib” 3D texture. The raised surfaces provide friction between the upper and ball. These ribs range in thickness from 1 millimeter to 2.5 millimeters, giving you an idea of how much definition runs through the forefoot.

Mercurial Superfly V Forefoot

Pitch Dark Superfly V Soleplate

How do they fit? Size wise, they will more naturally fit players with a more narrow foot, but the inclusion of a Flyknit upper means they have some give and can accommodate a wider fit. Let me clarify some more here by stating that they don’t sit alongside the top wide fitting market options; they are simply the most accommodating Superfly release we have seen to date.

In terms of length, they are pretty much true to size. I mentioned the tight fit through the heel while initially wearing them, but I wouldn’t change the size I tested. After breaking them in, it was no longer an issue and the general fit was pretty ideal.

You can currently find this colorway at

Nike Superfly V with Crimson Swoosh

Nike Superfly V Pitch Dark On Foot

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