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Up Close – Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar x Jordan

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG NJR

They are back! Earlier this week, Nike re-released a limited number of the highly popular and super exclusive Nike Hypervenom NJR x JORDAN. It is a case of “back by popular demand” as the initial collaboration release sold out within hours.

There is a touch of class about these, highlighted by exquisite detailing on the box and some finite design elements on the boots themselves. Given their high price point ($325) we wanted to bring you an up close look so you know exactly what you are getting should you look to invest in a pair.

Find the Hypervenom Phantom II NJR x JORDAN at

NJR Hypervenom Box

First thing to note and highlight about these is the box that they come in. This is not your standard release, as Nike introduce their artistic touch before you even get to the actual boots. A paint splash style pattern covers the walls of the box, with a black top correlating with the boot’s upper design.

There are also plenty of logo’s in play, with Neymar’s text style logo and the signature Jordan “Jumpman” leaving you without doubt as to what you will find inside. That is, of course, as long as you know what Neymar and Michael Jordan are!

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II NJR Side Profile

Jordan Jumpman Hypervenom

Once you get the boots out, it is all about the detailing, This is not your typical Hypervenom, as they follow the styling of the range’s second generation release. Well, they almost do. The big difference here is the actual texture of the upper, with Nike switching to a Neymar friendly material. Rather than the creased style pattern found on the main boot release, these have a more textile feel about them. The material is a little tackier, with an almost rubber compound type feel to it. On the ball, that will prove beneficial for close control in tight spaces – exactly what Neymar would need.

Then there is all the added detailing across the boot. Nike use a speckled paint job on the soleplate and the grey wave style print that covers the side portions of the boot. It adds a dramatic effect on what is a more mellow blackout style design. Both boots feature the Jumpman logo in two areas, a hit on the heel and superimposed across the soleplate. On the left boot, Neymar’s jersey number 10 is placed on the outer side of the heel, while the right boot has Jordan’s signature number 23.

This is a boot that takes its design from the Air Jordan V shoe, which was worn by Jordan during the 1989-90 NBA season for the Chicago Bulls. That shoe was released to market back in 1990, and is Neymar’s favorite of the Jordan line of releases. Officially, they are listed as Black/Reflective Silver/Infrared, which is an homage to the colors of the Chicago Bulls franchise Jordan represented at the time.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II NJR x Jordan Upper Texture

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II NJR x Jordan Upper

As the Hypervenom is tongueless, the famed reflective tongue from the Air Jordan V has been replicated with a 3M reflective Nike swoosh on the forefoot of the boot. Under the right lights, it has a real shimmer effect that can be seen during the day or in night games.

And there is also a personal touch on the laces of the boot, where the initials ‘DL’ (Neymar’s son Davi Luca) and the Brazilian flag are printed on. A simple yet effective touch!

Nike Hypervenom Phantom NJR x Jordan Laces

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II NJR Jumpman

Neymar x Jordan Hypervenom

Included in the box, there is a key chain attachment featuring the combo NJR/JORDAN logo, you will find that connected to the laces. And then there is the sweet graphic style bootbag – that is one of the real winners in this package. Definitely a way to showcase your new pair of boots.

First time around, these boots were available for a limited time, but sold out quicker than the open window. This time around, they are a proper market release with more pairs available, but I’d still expect them to sell out relatively quickly. What is very interesting here is the fact they initially retailed for $375, yet they are available for $325 now. It is not often we see a boot drop so substantially in price!

Find the entire available collection available at

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II NJR x Jordan Bootbag

Neymar x Jordan

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