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The “Gold” Nike Magista Obra 2

Nike Magista Obra II in Gold

If the heatmap design on the Nike Magista Obra 2 is not for you, there is another option available. It comes via the NikeID platform, where you can create a solid one color upper that really stands out. Case in point, the “Gold” Magista Obra. What an absolute quality look! Nike offer 7 different colored skins as well as 6 different standard heatmap designs.

If NikeID is something you are interested in, the price pops up to $340. But with that price, you get the ability to fully customize the color, change the traction system, get a graphic and make the boot completely personalized to your particular style.

Head to NikeID if you want to try create your own designs.

Magista Obra in Gold

About The Magista Obra 2

In terms of the Magista Obra, they are definitely one of the top boot options on the market right now, if not the best. Nike has got everything about them spot on, including a new anatomically contoured mid cut collar, which has actually gone as far as converting me! As opposed to the Hypervenom or Superfly (both of which I didn’t like the collar), I’m all about the fit and feel on these boots, and it absolutely adds to the value of what you are getting.

Nike tackled the concept of “sensory amplification through feel.” Basically what that means is they were looking to find the areas of the foot most sensitive to touch and mapped them against high-touch zones. The end result is peaks and troughs along different parts of the upper, depending on how much cushion is needed in that region at key moments. That would be the “heatmap” visual design found on other Magista Obra boots. Here, the color is solid so you don’t see it. In my opinion, this is the best boot for striking shots to hit the market since the Nike T90 Laser series was retired!

On The List Because: Best performing boot on the market right now, hands down! It is that simple.
Category: Control/Power
Weight: 7.2oz

Retail: $299.99

Gold Magista Obra Profile

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