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adidas Introduce the “Street Pack” – Viper X16 + Ace16


Something adidas is making a strong play on this year is the transition of custom designs from pitch to street. Basically, we are going to see style elements placed on the top FG styles, and then they will be delivered to their street performance silos of the same name.

Case in point, the recent release of the special edition Viper Pack. Adidas first placed the design on the X16 PURECHAOS and the ACE16 PURECONTROL, before transcending the look to the X16.1 Street and the ACE16.1 Street.

We are talking about the introduction of high performing lifestyle shoes from adidas, this is a big step and one that opens up a completely new sector in the soccer market. Here, we take a look at both boots and offer some feedback on what each has to offer.


X16.1 Street

A Techfit compression upper hugs the foot, with an unusual webbed lacing system adding to a personalized fit. adidas signature Boost technology is used in the outsole to help keep you energized and reary to move with explosive speed.

The upper has a soft felt like feel to it, so it is the softer of both shoes and that carries over through the visuals. You can see above how the material has a more subtle grey effect, with no shimmer. I’m a big fan of Boost technology, so it real nice that it is the outsole used. You get extra bounce, making them ideal for use on concrete and hard court surfaces.

In terms of fit, the shape of X16 offers a spacious and rounded structure. Right through the forefoot, the material visually sits higher on the forefoot and the Techfit through the tongue area offers plenty of stretch to accommodate a medium/wide foot shape. Length wise, they are true to size.

Weight: 9.5oz
Retail: $149.99


ACE16.1 Street

A PRIMEMESH upper molds to the foot, while a PRIMECUT collar cuts off right at the ankle for everyday comfort and a seamless fit between leg and foot. Boost technology is again used, but only as cushioning through the heel.

If you were going to pick either to be more of a dress shoe to wear with jeans, these would be the pair. The upper has a synthetic feel to it, which is why it has a darker and more reflective appearance. With Boost only employed through the heel portion of the sole, there is a lower profile through the forefoot and this leaves you closer to the ground.

In terms of fit, the forefoot structure of the ACE16 has a lower profile. You might expect that this means they fit tighter, but they actually have a more spacious fit than the X16, due to the fact their is no Boost material underneath. Of both boots, these are the better option for wider fitting players. Length wise, they are true to size.

Weight: 8.75oz
Retail: $149.99


So, how do you decide which pair to get? That is completely down to personal style and what you are looking for in a street shoe. The X16 (left) has a more casual feel about them, ideal for times when you need to get a run in and knock a ball around. While the Ace16 has a business ready feel about them, ideal for players that like to pull off some trick moves when no one expects it!

With either pair, you are getting a shoe that takes adidas’ target audience, the creator, and ties into their #FirstNeverFollows mantra in the small sided game.

Find the entire Viper Pack available at



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