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NikeGrip Sock Review – Traction Starts On The Inside

nikegrip socks

For the development team at Nike, the concept of traction has moved on from just being connected to the boot’s soleplate. The next step to give players an extra edge during the most pivotal moment comes with the tagline “traction starts on the inside“, the NikeGrip Sock.

Available in both a strike crew and a game sock, the NikeGrip features engineered yarn and a Heel Lock System that grips the inside of your boot, locking your foot in place. Important to note here that it is the definition created by the materials used that creates the grip, so there is no added element placed on the sock like, for example, the non slip silicon performance pads found on Trusox. The purpose of this is to ensures the feel along the base of the foot is very natural. Also note that they come in a Left/Right specific design, to make the fit more natural to each foot shape. The letter on the bottom lets you know which is which, although it is hard to get it wrong considering how each is shaped.



So how do they feel to wear and are they worth investing in?

Nike has been a leader in creating comfortable socks, and that trend definitely continues with these. Before wear, I was a little concerned about how the definition along the sole would feel through play. But, as you press down, the material is thick enough to reduce any stress and provides a uniform feel. In terms of breathability, along the side of the sock, Nike has also strategically mapped in zoned ventilation that allows warm air to leave the sock delivering a much needed cooling effect.


It is important to note here that going into testing, I didn’t have any issues with slipping in regular socks. So, my purpose in this review wasn’t to resolve any issue that I had during play. What I can tell you though is that Nike has spent time developing this sock and they haven’t cut any corners in their design. They are very comfortable, keep you feeling secure in your boots during play, and have that enjoyable Nike stretch feel that so many players love.

Do you need a pair of these? It is less about needing them and more about whether you want something a little more technically different from regular socks. What I can tell you is that I enjoyed wearing them and will continue to after testing – so they get my recommendation.

Both the crew version and a game sock are available at soccer.com.


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