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The Best 25 Boot Colorways Released in 2016 - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 25 2024

The Best 25 Boot Colorways Released in 2016


What a year it has been for boots! The market has exploded with new silos and a slew of limited edition releases, making it easier than ever for players to have their own “unique” style on the pitch. In total, over 200 different boot styles were unleashed. Even though we still have time left in 2016, it only seems appropriate to run through some of the top designs that have been released since January 1st.

Putting this one together was tough, with many different styles and designs on offer. Pending your individual taste, some will sit in the correct position while others wont’t. But we are looking to encompass how each colorway was received by the market and the feedback we received from players on what was available.

If there is a boot missing from the list that you would have added (and we have many “notable mentions” that we’ve omitted) let us know in the comment section below!

Messi15 Platinum Ballon d'Or

No. 25 – Adidas Messi15 Ballon d’Or

Each time he has won a Ballon d’Or, adidas has treated Messi to a special pair of boots. This year’s version was ultra clean, with a Platinum White providing the perfect canvas for Messi to showcase his skills! The upper is actually a pearlescent Argentinian premium leather, enhanced with pure metallic platinum elements.

Released: January
Available? No – you are unlikely to find a pair of these anywhere other than in Messi’s closet!


No. 24 – Nike Mercurial Superfly “Elite Pack”

Picking a release from the complete Nike Elite pack is not easy, they all have individually classy looks. But it the striped forefoot that gives the Mercurial Superfly the win here as it offers a bold, statement-look on pitch. And of course the addition of a highlight Ghost Green detailing compliments the dynamic nature of the silo.

Released: August
Available? Yes and on sale for an incredible $229.99.

Diadora Brazil Italy 1984

No. 23 – Diadora Brasil Italy OG

Diadora like to keep things classy and this year they made a statement by unleashing an updated “Made In Italy” release. These boots ooze quality while holding a very traditional style to them. Highlighting the release is a classic K-Leather upper with double cross-lined stitching. When you factor in Blue detailing along the Diadora side logo and the all important Italian flag, they became an even more delicious boot.

Released: May
Available? Currently available for $269.99.

Superfly CR7 324K Gold

No. 22 – Nike Superfly CR7 324K

Designed to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo and the 324 goals he scored in 310 games for clubs during his career, Nike created a limited edition Superfly called “CR7 324K”. The upper features a clean White to Gold blend, transitioning from heel towards the toe. Nike also add Wolf Grey through the collar for an extra dimensional effect.

Released: Introduced in October 2015, to market in January.
Available? The limited edition pairs sold out very fast.

Adidas Ace16 Fluid Black

No. 21 – Adidas Ace16.1 “Fluid Black”

Adidas took the Ace16.1 to blackout mode with an absolutely classic Fluid Black design. The entire upper and soleplate features a deep dark hue that will put players into complete stealth mode. This is a military style release! What gives them that little extra desirability is how the color runs through the grooved definition across the upper.

Released: April
Available? Sold out real quickly after release, again eBay is your best bet for finding a pair.


No. 20 – Puma evoSPEED 1.5 Tricks

Puma like to stand out, and they do it well everytime they release a pair of “Tricks”. Case in point the dual colored design unleashed for summer 2016. Working with a CMYK color palette, the PUMA evoSPEED Tricks feature a signature two-color approach. The left vamp is Pink Glo and the right Safety yellow, connecting to the black heel with a geometric pattern. The signature PUMA strike on the side of each boot also features the opposite color to really create a stand out visual effect.

Released: April
Available? There is actually a wide selection of boots available in this colorway.

Pepe Signature Umbro Speciali Eternal

No. 19 – Umbro Speciali Eternal Pepe

Pepe – the World’s most loyal Umbro Speciali fan – was treated to a personalized Portuguese themed pair earlier this Summer. What better way to celebrate one of the most iconic boots on the market than with a crisp White upper. Detailed is added in the form of a Red/Green/Yellow combo through key areas of the boot – like the signature Double Diamond and the heel hit. The insole also features the Portuguese crest.

Released: May
Available? Unfortunately, no pairs made their way stateside.


No. 18 – adidas Purecontrol “Space Craft”

Who doesn’t enjoy a good gold release? Well, adidas delivered with a regal paint job on the world’s best functioning, laceless boot as part of the Space Craft Pack. Purecontrol is upgraded with a leather upper, with the synthetic back portion of the boot featuring an almost golden spray paint effect.

Released: September
Available? You won’t be surprised to hear they sold out within days, pairs can be found waaayyyyy overpriced on eBay.


No. 17 – New Balance Visaro “Signal”

New Balance are doing very good things with the designs on their latest boots, one example being this wild Signal Blue camouflage pattern on the Visaro. Released as a limited edition, this design takes inspiration from the Poisonous Dart Frog. The effect is almost like the look of raindrops running down a window.

Released: October
Available? You can still find them for $219.99.

adidas PURECONTROL Getting Them On

No.16 – Adidas Purecontrol “Mercury Pack”

Adidas added a Silver Shimmer style paint job to the upper of the world’s first high-performance laceless knit boot as part of this past Summer’s Mercury Pack. The chrome like finish has a standout effect and really catches the light through games. Solar Yellow was also added through key feature areas, allowing the boot to take center stage on pitches at Euro 16.

Released: June
Available? Very limited sizes, retail $299.99.


No. 15 – UA Clutchfit Force “20th Anniversary”

A signature boot that was designed to celebrate Under Armour’s 20th anniversary. Because of the definition through the forefoot of the boot, visually they have a mix of brushed and polished silver. Along the tongue, the metallic has a shimmer effect, that has a rainbow effect depending on the light that hits them.

Released: September
Available? Yes, you can find pairs with a retail of $219.99.

Puma evoPOWER 1.3 Blue and Orange

No. 14 – Puma evoPOWER 1.3 Blue/Orange

This latest fall release features a clean, vivid colorway with shades of Blue Yonder and Shocking Orange caressing the upper. The mix of colors is super unique yet they blend so effectively. Blue provides that cooler crisp sky effect, with Orange providing a burnt leaf visual.

Released: October
Available? Just released, retail for $219.99.


No. 13 – Nike Mercurial Superfly “Radiant Reveal”

In person, the underlay effect on this Mercurial Superfly matches the Radiant Reveal naming convention perfectly. I personally like these boots a lot. The effect and appearance mimics a thin white layer placed over a multi color (pink to orange to yellow) upper. This is such a vibrant boot and one that will set you apart from the competition. Unfortunately, that means you will have to look out for hard challenges flying in from different angles!

Released: March
Available? It is tough to find pairs of these boots currently, but can find some on eBay.

Pitch Dark Nike Magista Obra 2

N0. 12 – Nike Magista Obra “Pitch Dark”

There have been several Magista Obra colorways released to date, with this subtle edition being one of the best. Focused on providing players sensory amplification through feel, the all black design is detailed with a hint of grey through the heat map areas. This gives the boot a classic, yet modern updated, mass appeal.

Released: July
Available? Several sizes available with a very, very decent $199.99 price tag right now!


No. 11 – Nike Magista Obra BHM

Nike introduced a pair of celebratory Magista Obra to mark Black History Month this year. We are talking rainbow river with a masterful black lattice covering, a multi-color design crossing the surface of that Flyknit upper, creating a imaginative pattern. They are the type of boot that players will spend time looking at up close trying to understand what they represent, an ideal opportunity to highlight the need for universal acceptance within our culture. That is their purpose!

Released: January
Available? One of the toughest boots on the list to find, but there are some on eBay.

Nike Superfly Women's 2016

No. 10 – Nike Mercurial Superfly Women’s “Spark Brilliance”

This is where Nike introduced us to HeatherKnit for the first time, and it creates such a solid look. These were released as a women’s boot, much to the disappointment of a lot of male players that fell for the look. They were released as part of the Spark Brilliance Pack and were featured at the Olympics this past summer.

Released: June
Available? Most sizes are still available for $299.99.

New Balance Visaro Pro Feature

No. 9 – New Balance Visaro in White/Toxic

This colorway from New Balance is easily their best of the year, and fully deserves its spot in the top 10. A vibrant toxic green offers the standout effect on this Visaro release, sitting just beneath the bright White skin of the control inspired Visaro. On foot they look as good and really grab your attention from a distance thanks to the adding detailing.

Released: March.
Available? Currently available on sale for $99.99.

Nike Tiempo Legend Pirlo

No. 8 – Nike Tiempo Pirlo

Probably the most sophisticated boots you will ever see, specially crafted for the meticulous taste of Andrea Pirlo! The boot’s upper features premium Alegria leather in a merlot colorway inspired by the juice of the grape. A four gold stars appear on the boot’s heel counter and plate to honor Italy’s World Cup titles. As a nod to Tiempo’s heritage and the process of producing wine, Aged Since ’94 appears in metallic gold on a genuine cork sockliner and also on the polka dot shoebox. The boots are packaged similar to a bottle of wine and include an additional performance sockliner.

Released: September
Available? As of posting, YES! Limited pairs were released on


N0. 7 – adidas Purechaos Stellar Pack

Inspired by the “light side of the moon”, the mix of White/Gold on the Stellar pack Purechaos offers one of the cleanest combos we have seen in a while. Added to the effect is a star pattern across the NON STOP GRIP finish upper. Extra detailing is added through the heel, with a reflective Golden finish on the SprintFrame. There is something a little extra special about these!

Released: September
Available? Plenty of sizes available, retail $299.99.


No. 6 – Puma evoSPEED FRESH

The super lightweight, 4.1oz evoSPEED Fresh not only packs a lot of big technology in a small package, but it also features a pretty top notch visual design. Puma list it as Red Blast/Puma Black, but the Black is actually more of a dark Navy Blue in person. One of the features of the evoSPEED Fresh series is that unique transition between colors across the mesh upper, making them a very easily recognizable boot on pitch.

Released: September
Available? Currently on sale for $134.99.


No. 5 – Nike Mercurial X EA Sports

No need to adjust your screen! The MERCURIAL X EA SPORTS features all the performance you’d expect from the Mercurial Superfly combined with authentic EA Sports iconography across the design, highlighting the progression from 16-bit graphics on the original ‘94 game to today’s high definition output. As a nod to the advancements in gaming technology, the medial side of the boot has a absolutely crazy pixelated 16-bit graphic that transitions to high-definition on the lateral side. This gives them a different appearance depending on which side you are looking at.

Released: September
Available? Another one to find on eBay, they sold out within minutes of release.


No. 4 – Adidas Pureagility Messi 10/10

The second annual 10/10 release intended to celebrate Lionel Messi came with a standout visual. A fluorescent Solar Green covers the forefoot, creating a stunning effect. Things around the heel are toned down a bit, but they still hold and add to the ultra classy design. There were only going to be 100 pairs released, and 10 of those were reserved for Messi and his friends.

Released: October
Available? Don’t go looking for a pair!


No. 3 – Nike Hypervenom 2 njr x Jordan

The second boot collaboration between Neymar and Michael Jordan takes on a completely opposite color pattern. This time around, an extremely sharp white canvasses the upper, with solar red detailing and a speckled black speckle pattern complimenting the look. The swoosh features the same grey color found on the mid-cut collar, with the added bonus of having a reflective layer across it. In other words, it will stand out when the right light hits it.

Released: October
Available? The entire Neymar Jordan collection can be found at


No. 2 – adidas Purechaos Dark Space

Labelled as the “Dark Space” pack, the Purechaos offers a clean look that will please traditionalists out there who want a classic look to go with modern performance. What sets these apart visually is the glow effect on the blacked out signature 3-stripe when the lights go out. Unfortunately, this is not something you are going to see in full effect very often (or ever on pitch). But it adds an extra element of surprise should the lights align!

Released: August
Available? There are not many, but some pairs are listed on eBay.


No. 1 – Nike What The Mercurial

“What The” seems like the perfect statement to accompany these boots! Nike created this new limited edition game changer to celebrate the history of the Mercurial series. In total, there are 16 of the most distinctive and striking colorways from the entire line-up of Mercurial boots used. Individual slices are layered right across the upper, merging together in a block style to create on of the most iconic releases you will ever see. Wild, funky yet extremely innovative from a style perspective!

Released: May
Available? Very rare, but there are some pairs listed on eBay.

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