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Nike MagistaX TF – When and Who Should Wear Turfs?


In recent times, we have seen an implosion in how brands are targeting specific parts of the market with advanced technology in footwear. One area is Turf, or AG surfaces, where there is a need for controlled traction, specifically something that doesn’t catch or drag in the surface.

For that, Nike has created a TF line-up in their highly rated Proximo series. In our case here, the MagistaX Proximo II TF is the boots I’ll be referencing to answer the question; who or when should you wear TF boots?

Well, that really does depends on each players individual style of play and situation. In general, TF boots will provide a very stable level of traction as you glide across the surface, but I’ve got my own take on them and their use. In recent weeks, I’ve been testing the MagistaX TF and they have performed to the same high level as the Magista FG version. They fit really nicely right across the foot and are super comfortable through extended wear.

Find this colorway available at soccer.com.



But here is where my experience with the boot comes into play. I’m not a fan of the turf configuration. For me, it covers too much surface area and doesn’t allow for full grip through cut and chop motions. Because the nubs are so closely aligned, the artificial grass doesn’t break in through the surface allowing you to dig in an have a firm footing to push on off. As a player that relies on quick feet and speed, I much prefer to wear FG boots, with low profile conical studs being a favorite. Don’t listen to players that tell you FG shouldn’t be worn on AG. As long as you are avoiding large bladed boots with sharp edges and you don’t have super weak ankles, you will be just fine.

Where TF is a real winner – and these boots in particular – is for players that prefer to dictate the game for a deeper role, creating opportunities for players going forward, while using lateral movements to cover space from a deep lying position. That is key here; they will play a valuable role if you are less reliant on quick bursts of speed and continuous cutting. Players that utilize positioning and want to be steady will love what these have to offer. They are also extremely useful for players that have ankle issues and need something that is more reliable and dependable through a full game. Underfoot, that wide range of nubs disperses pressure more evenly and reduces any unnecessary movement.

I have plenty of friends that swear by TF boots and dictate games, never seeming to loose their footing. I don’t get it – but that is why they are not for me. So, it really does come down to personal preference and playing style!

If you want the MagistaX II TF, find them listed at soccer.com.



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