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adidas PURECHAOS "Stellar Pack" - What is so Different? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

adidas PURECHAOS “Stellar Pack” – What is so Different?


There has been a lot of attention placed on the new adidas Stellar Pack in recent weeks (for more than one reason) with the X16+ PURECHAOS silo leading the way. Adidas has taken a slightly altered approach with this one, adding a modified design to the “light side of the moon” inspired boots.

Right across the TechFit upper, a new star lined pattern is added for visual effect. It has become a talking point, with many wondering if it also creates a difference in the boots in-game performance. We have already tested PURECHAOS, so we wanted to use this as an opportunity to give you some some feedback on how this latest release feels on the ball. So, are they any different?

Find PURECHAOS Stellar Pack available at


On the original PURECHAOS, the synthetic NSG upper had a defined feel, with the wild molten metal style texture holding a decently stiff feel. This didn’t effect performance in anyway, but it was noticeably different to the likes of PURECONTROL and PUREAGILITY. Each piece of the lava like pattern was raised ever so slightly across the surface of the boot. This aids in control by adding extra grip and friction as you come into contact with the ball and look to dribble at speed. What I really like is the fact it is more “bumpy” texture than “tacky” texture, so you don’t have the ball sticking too close to the material.

Then there is the Stellar Pack version. First off, the material is softer and less pronounced, much closer to a real leather feel than the original, which has a more synthetic feel. So, there is a definite difference right off the bat. You can see from the images how these looks more grainy, with more of a tacky feel in play. This keeps the ball close to feet and is a very useful addition when you are playing in wet conditions.

So, what role does the Star pattern play? Well, it breaks up the uniform nature of the upper, adding some additional light definition is almost like reverse grip, where the shape of the stars undulates when connecting with the ball. So, it does play an added role in the performance of the boot, even it is very minimal in play. Any level of added grip can only help players manipulate the ball in tight spots!



I’m a big fan of boots that include some sort of Gold detailing, and when that is placed with a White and Black design, it makes for a stunning look. In other words, this is a boot I’m very much a fan of visually. Outside of the stars, adidas has added some other cool little personal touches. Around the heel counter, an embossed style golden wing design has been added for effect. You can see it in more detail below. Then the soleplate has been entrusted with a unique Gold to White fade effect. It looks really slick and is a definitely a positive addition to the release. Around the heel, it has a relective mirror effect, then transitions to a mate finish through the midfoot.

Performance wise, they have a lot to offer as a bot designed to harness speed. The updated SPRINTFRAME outsole delivers traction and stability for high-speed movements whilst the TECHFIT lacing system provides a glove-like fit.

Again, you can find these available at




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  1. Have these and love them. First I've ever worn right into a game with no break in. Super impressed.

  2. Lotto had these 10 yerars ago!!!

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