Wednesday , March 15 2023

Boots Showcased by Under Armour at the NSCAA Convention

UA Clutchfit 3.0 3D

Last weekend, while at the NSCAA convention is Los Angeles, we briefly had a chance to catch up with the folks at Under Armour. With a large booth on hand, they went above the regular display of current boot models. Up front, they proudly displayed a pair of ClutchFit 3.0 3D, a boot that features a flow-molded 3D ClutchFit Auxetic upper. With less than 100 pairs released worldwide, it was pretty cool to see the limited edition boot up close.

Along with those boots, UA used the event as an opportunity to showcase an upcoming set of Blue colorways in the Speedform and Clutchfit series. The Speedform, in particular, with its wild blue-splash, camo style pattern looks pretty sweet.

In terms of marketshare, UA are catching up with some of the bigger brands on the market, although I still feel like they are under appreciated. Everything they are doing to date is taking them in the right direction; comfortable boots, very decent colorways and a solid marketing strategy. I’m a fan of what they do, and am excited to see where they go with things in the future. As per the BONUS update below….

If you haven’t checked them out yet, find the latest UA offering at

Under Armour Spotlight Blue Colorway

Under Armour Spotlight Blue Soleplate

During the convention, we were also introduced to an incredible prototype boot that is set for release in 2018. Currently going through extensive testing, it features some technology that has never been seen before on a soccer boot. The expression on my face when I saw them at first was probably one of complete confusion, but after having the chance to try them on and test the technology, I was sold. They are as comfortable as any UA boots on the market, and the added tech doesn’t alter performance (or get in the way as I thought it would at first.) I’d love to be able to talk more about them, but out of respect for the brand, we will have to wait to tell you more! What I will do is share the below with you……

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