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How does the Checkered Black Ace17+ Purecontrol Fit?

adidas Ace17+ PURECONTROL Checkered Black

One of the most frequent questions we receive in relation to the adidas Ace17+ Purecontrol series is how do they fit without laces? It is a very valid question given their technical design.

First off, lets talk about the new Checkered Black version of Purecontrol that was recently released. The upper takes on a bold new checkered style print the cris-crosses the forefoot. What makes them even more unique, and you have to look at them up close to see this, is a silver speckle effect that covers the upper. It actually plays a big role in the visual effect by adding some shimmer to the Blackout design.

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Ace17+ PURECONTROL Checkered Black Upper Design

adidas Ace17+ PURECONTROL Checkered Black Ankle Lining

Ace17+ PURECONTROL Checkered Black Heel

adidas has also updated this version of Purecontrol, with the end result being a much more responsive boot. They feature ControlSkin on top of a Primeknit upper. The new ControlSkin offers more lockdown and a barefoot feel compared to the previous model, while the Primeknit ControlZones in the vamp help to add more control in all situations.

Boost technology is also used on the sole to help with energy retention, and you have to check out the insole. We are talking a perfect platform to place your feet on through pounding games!

adidas Ace17+ PURECONTROL Checkered Black Master Control Insole

In terms of performance, we will cover a lot more in an upcoming review. Right now the boots are in testing, so I’m hoping to have the complete review available in the next week or two. But, lets talk about the actual fit and answer some questions, in case some of you are considering ordering right now.

Are they tough to get on?

From my experience, all you need to do is use the pull tabs and angle your foot in. It literally takes 5 seconds, and you don’t have to worry about lacing up. Inside the box, adidas include a shoe horn for those worried about getting the boots on.

Do they feel loose?

No, the design is intended to wrap around your foot and lock it down in place, especially through the midfoot.

But could they slip off your foot?

Unless someone was to step on the heel of the boot and somehow twist your foot out, no. It is pretty much impossible for them to slip off.

Are they too tight?

If you are going to consider a pair of laceless boots, you have to understand that they are going to feel tight. They have too! When you out them on for the first time, they feel like a pair of boots with laces that are tightened too tight. This I felt right across the top of my foot, where the top laces would be.

Are they a narrow or wide fit?

Wider fitting players are going to have more luck with these, primarily because you want your foot to press up against the interior of the boot. If there is space, your foot will move around more. In saying that, this is not a boot I am going to move to the top wide boot options. It is an option, but there are far more other boots I’d recommend first. Also, the material adidas use on this version through the upper has a little bit of stretch to it, so there is room for the boot to adjust.

If I’ve missed anything in regards to the fit, let me know in the comments and I’ll follow-up with more details!

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  1. I have a wide foot and have worn Adidas for many years, but these are way too narrow. I would not consider them a wide option whatsoever. It's a shame—all of Adidas' new synthetic boots are too narrow. Have to go leather for a wide option.

  2. What if you got them in a size bigger

  3. I have a son who is 10 years old. Can you recommend a model? He has used eu size 39. Now we have a problem finding a suitable shoe. Adult shoes are wider than jr. models.

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