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How Nike Has Added DF Across the CR7 Mercurial Line-Up - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

How Nike Has Added DF Across the CR7 Mercurial Line-Up

Nike CR7 DF Chapter 3 Collection

If you have looked to pick up some new boots from the latest signature CR7 range, you might have noticed some direct similarities within all silos and also several key differences. Featuring a unique Seaweed/Metallic Silver/Volt/Racing Green colorway, this is Chapter 3 of Nike’s boot series to honor the iconic Portuguese striker.

Given that Nike has decided to place the DF (Dynamic Fit) collar across multiple silos, it is tough to naturally differentiate each. Along with that, there has also been plenty of confusion surrounding the naming conventions used for each. With that in mind, we wanted to run through all of the available DF options, so you know what is on offer across the board.

What Is Chapter 3?

CR7 Chapter 3: Discovery, intended to celebrate the story of Cristiano Ronaldo, focusing on how he made such an impressive impression on one of the World’s greatest ever managers, that he signed him within a few weeks. On August 6th, 2003, at the age of 18, Cristiano Ronaldo played for Sporting Lisbon for the last time, against Manchester United. He had 2 assists, leading to a 3-1 victory over the Red Devils. In the process, he showcased tremendous speed, technique, and potential. That performance left Man Utd with no choice but to sign him the next week!

Find everything Chapter 3: Discovery at

Nike Mercurial Superfly CR DF

Mercurial Superfly V

The top-tier boot in the line-up, intended to give you the closest performance you can get to Ronaldo himself. One of the key features of the Superfly V is how all of the materials interlock to produce the most efficient package possible. A dynamic mid-cut collar secures foot to ankle, while the upper is a textured Flyknit material, with horizontal style speed ribs running across the upper for extra definition on the ball.

Design wise, the lateral side features silver dot graphics, as well as a subtle reflective wave design as a nod to the Mercurial Vapor I boots he wore in 2003. The numbers 06, 08 and 03 (day, month, year) etched on the heel counter commemorate the date of his discovery, while a sparkling CR7 logo highlights the shining performance he delivered. When it catches the light, it really stands out.

Upper: Flyknit with textured Speedribs
Weight: 6.7oz
Retail: $324.99 (* $199.99 as of posting)

Nike Mercurial Veloce CR DF

Veloce III DF

The Veloce offers a different feel to the Superfly because the upper material is a synthetic rather than a knit. To the touch, it has a structured feel that is enhanced by the 3D Speedribs. What Nike is looking for here is more definition on the ball, with the ribbed material creating extra control. You will notice it most as you take close touches on the ball or look to play passes with a little added curve.

Visually, the Veloce ($170) is very similar to the Superfly ($325). From the dual upper colorway design, to the inclusion of a midcut collar, from a distance it is tough to distinguish which is which. Up close, you will notice that the upper is more defined on the Veloce because of the material, and key features like the CR7 heel hit are flat print rather than dynamic texture.

Upper: Lightweight synthetic with Speedribs
Weight: 6.8oz
Retail: $179.99 (* $129.99 as of posting)

Nike Mercurial Victory CR DF

Victory IV DF

What is basically an economical option to give players that can’t splash on the premium pairs an opportunity to own something similar. But, everything about them is pretty toned down, with a simple synthetic without prominent Speedribs used for the upper. The DF collar is also very different, as Nike use a simple sock style design without the same stretch features found on the Superfly and Veloce. So, in this instance the purpose of the DF collar is not as tech focused as the others.

Visually, you can easily distinguish these from the lacing system. Rather than having a visually closed tongue design, the material around the laces holes protrudes, with the sock tongue tucked underneath. Without Speedribs, the upper also has a more flat appearance, especially across the lateral portion of the boot.

Upper: Synthetic upper
Weight: 8.25oz
Retail: $94.99 (* $84.99 as of posting)

Nike MercurialX Proximo CR DF

MercurialX Proximo II

When it comes to short sided play, many regard the MercurialX Proximo to be the absolute top option, and for that reason they usually sell out fast. That is the case here! What makes them so special is the fact they are designed for speed and quick play, with Nike using the exact same upper construction found on the Superfly. So basically, this is a Superfly upper built on a full-length Phylon indoor style soleplate.

Visually, everything about the upper is the same as the Superfly. Underfoot, Nike has gone with a vibrant Noen Green to add a dynamic impact as players are chasing behind you!

Upper: Flyknit with textured Speedribs
Weight: 9.75oz
Retail: $174.99

Junior Mercurial Superfly V

Even though they are listed as having Speedribs, the Junior Mercurial Superfly is built with an upper that is very similar to the economical Victory. So, the upper is not comparable in performance to the adult Superfly. Where they are similar is in the DF collar, with Nike using the same structured material to aid in securing foot to ankle.

In reality, this is the type of boot that would fit in between the Veloce and Victory in terms of performance, offering the best option for players that need a smaller size.

Upper: Synthetic microfiber with textured Speedribs
Weight: 6oz
Retail: $159.99 (* $109.99 as of posting)

Find everything in the Mercurial CR7 series currently available at

Nike CR7 Superfly Veloce Victory Proximo

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