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Up Close – Mizuno Morelia Neo in Mazarine Blue

Mizuno Morelia Neo in Blue

When it comes to craftsmanship and innovation, they really don’t come better than the Mizuno Morelia Neo…..especially when “MIJ” is associated. “Made In Japan” basically means that the boots are handcrafted in Japan without stressing about how long it takes to piece them together.

Each pair is placed and shaped on a last for 24 hours in order to create the perfect shape. In comparison, your average boot on the market gets just 20 minutes on a last. That is a HUGE difference, and one that allows Mizuno to provide players with a boot built on detail and not hype. Think of the natural stress and fit in the material before they even get to you.

It has been way too long since we have featured a pair of Morelia Neo, but with Mizuno adding this latest Mazarine Blue/White colorway to the mix, they were well worth a revisit.

Available at

Mizuno Morelia Neo MIJ Blue Colorway

Mizuno Morelia Neo MIJ Upper Blue

Mizuno Morelia Neo MIJ K-leather Blue

The Morelia Neo MIJ upper features an ultra thin, yet super soft, Kangaroo Leather that provides an ultra clean touch on the ball. It is tanned and conditioned with scotchguard, which basically means it is treated with a liquid silicone to make them waterproof and a little more durable.

The silo itself drops easily in the super lightweight category thanks to its 6.8oz body. We are talking sleek and trim, built for speed with the bonus of comfort and a clean first touch. And when it comes to pitch surface, this is a very versatile boot that easily jumps between FG and AG surfaces. Low profile conical studs are the way to go in that department!

Mizuno Morelia Neo MIJ Blue FG AG Soleplate

Obviously, this is a boot that comes with a pretty hefty price point. For most fans that means you can’t simply see them and jump the gun on purchasing a pair. I get it. They are extremely classy and well worth dropping some extra cash on, even so that is not always an option. If you decide to buy at full price, you won’t be disappointed. Another option is making sure to tune into any sales that include Mizuno boots, it doesn’t happen often but when it does you should jump on it!

Find this “Mazarine Blue” Morelia Neo available at

Mizuno Morelia Neo MIJ Blue Up Close

Morelia Neo MIJ Blue Heel

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