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New Balance Visaro 2.0 – Feature Review

New Balance Visaro 2.0 Energy Lime

New Balance is back with a standout colorway in the Visaro 2.0 series, a boot built for players who like to create. Adding an Energy Lime across what is one of the busiest uppers currently on the market makes this a release that demands player attention.

The new version of Visaro features data driven Hexaprene “control and strike” zones, an athlete inspired pro form last, and one piece form fitting moccasin construction that delivers ultra-precise long and short passing, and game changing invention. I’d also label them as somewhat of a power boot, using added elements through the upper to enhance striking.

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New Balance Visaro in Energy Lime

Energy Lime New Balance Visaro 2.0 FG

Energy Lime New Balance Visaro 2.0

Design Notes

A few things of note on the design here. Energy Lime  is obviously very vibrant, and easily stands out. In the past, we have seen similar colors to this listed as Gecko Green, so it also falls into that bracket. The New Balance logo also gets a fresh paint job, in what is a sort of darker Pink shade. It contrasts across the lighter green upper. One of my favorite design elements is the transient Grey that lines the inside of the boot, you can see it in the image above. It gives the boot a more sophisticated look, even if you don’t see it with them on.

How do they Fit?

One of the first things you learn about the Visaro 2.0 is that they really not designed to fit every foot type. If you have read our review, you will know I’m really not a big fan. But, then their are players who really enjoy the fit and more importantly, have upped their game because of what New Balance has to offer. Kei Kamara referenced those during a recent rant against an MLS fine he received for wearing Trusox. In the rant, he talked about how switching to New Balance had effectively changed his ability to perform due to the more proficient fit.

My take on the fit is this; Length wise they are true to size. Width wise the fit is odd. Again, New Balance stick to their unorthodox footbed designs, where the contouring seems unusual. Basically, the shape bends from your small toe into the big toe, where the instep is cut pretty straight from heel to the big toe. It is a very defined design that leaves you with extra space on the outer portion of your big toe, and the material pressed up against your little. Even with the extra room, I’d rate them as a medium width, simply because a wider foot would have to be misshapen to fit into the extra space.


The FG version ($199) of the boot highlights the releases, and is good for use on natural grass and artificial turf. There is also a Wide Fit version ($199). For youth players, their is currently a Junior version ($60) available.

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Note, the winning pair is size 9US and we can’t change them out for another size. Winner will be announced early next week via our email list! Normal SC101 rules and terms apply.

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Energy Lime New Balance Visaro Heel

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  1. New Balance really caught my eye when they first came out with cleats. After getting a pair myself I loved everything about them. The fit is great and the touch with the ball as well. Hoping to get another pair for the new season coming up. Since the two pairs of Visario I have are starting to wear up from playing.

  2. Well, I wouldn't say I deserve to win these boots but it would be nice to have an upgrade from my predator instinct when I move to Boston soon.

  3. New Balance is one of the few brands I've never had a chance to try. I don't have it in the budget to grab a pair (new baby and all), but I would love to rock these in indoor and the over 30 league 🙂

  4. My shoes I'm wearing now are 8's and I can't get new ones because my moms tries on her car need to be replace and it's over $400 so I won't be able to get a new pair anytime soon and my club season is coming up and my shoes are too small.

  5. The New Balance Visario are some of my favorite cleats. I love the fit and the way it feels against the ball. Would be great to get a new pair since the two pairs I have a wearing down from playing.

  6. I deserve these because I've been a big fan of the account for a long time and love the content

  7. I deserve these boots because my feet actually have the weird shape that make NB boots fit perfectly, you might say they were made for me! 😉

  8. 1. I’m a new subscriber and love the content. (Don’t know how I found your site, but glad I did!)

    2. NB’s are some of the most comfortable cleats around and they continue to impress me. Now let me impress on the pitch.

    3. C’mon you Revs! I’ve been a lifetime fan from New Hampshire and remember my dad talking about your playing style.

  9. Would love to win these boots! As a hard working, aspiring young player I have got into many academics such as Chelsea and Arsenal. I worked my way up at Chelsea until I got into the academy only to get an email 4 months later that I wasn't good enough. This put me down but motivated me more and then I got scouted for Arsenal. The almost exact thing happened and I got kicked out again. I am now only playing for a Sunday league game but I feel with a bit of luck and determination I could reach the same stages or even further. I feel like winning something like this would push me that extra bit further! Thanks for the opportunity and love the channel!

  10. I have always struggled finding boots that fit due to my wife feet and haven't been able to afford a pair of the New Balance wife fit boots. I would really love to have a pair that don't kill my feet and cause flair ups with plantar fasciitis.

  11. I deserve the boots because I'm a longtime supporter and a fellow Gaucho! '04-08 never missed a home game… Gaucho Loco cheering squad leading the songs. Not to mention we practically have the same foot (US9 and slightly wide) so I take your reviews to heart. I've never owned a pair of NB but would love the chance!

  12. It's rare you get a brand outside the "big three" to make a boot which is driven by real technology. With new balance a running shoe brand, the combination of elements make a surprisingly good show. As a centre back very few brands off protection and comfort but the Visaros offer this. Thanks for the review and the giveaway opportunity.

  13. “I would like to win a pair of these epic new boots and throw away my old ones that are being held together with the combination of super glue, duct tape and athletic tape! This would help me play like my favorite player Aaron Ramsey but I promise no one will die if I score goals! I will just do it in style with this beautiful new boots!”

  14. I really enjoy your content, it is very informing and in-depth! I really enjoy following people who have the latest boots and have great collections! I also like accounts who have giveaways and give back to the people who follow and made the account what it is today. I really like the brand New Balance itself and the things they are trying to do with there cleats. Even though people have bagged a little on the brand I still haven’t gave up on it because of the potential I know they have as a brand. I can’t afford New Balance but I would love to have a pair of them. It would mean a lot to me! Thank you for your time money and effort into your account and this giveaway it means a lot! Thank you again!

  15. Never had a chance to wear New Balance boots but would love to give them a go. Noticed you were at Castle Villa last time you were back in Ireland. Passed by their pitch recently, great setup!

  16. I want to win!

  17. I make most of my boot purchases based on your reviews, and discovered my favorite of all time, Ryal La Storia from your review of it. Hope that's enough!

  18. Actually my Birthday was less than a week ago, i got selectioned to play in my school soccer team as a goalkeeper, and i've got a pair of gloves that have the same colors, they look great and those cleats are my size, so i would like to celebratey birthday (08/08) and playing for my school with a new pair of cleats.

  19. Alexander santana

    Very simple these would be for my 1st cousin ..she’s 14 a great player and loves to win

  20. I'm a big time New Balance enthusiast. I fell in love with their running shoes and was so excited when they got back into soccer. I've got 12 pairs of New Balance shoes in my closet currently, including a pair of the original Visaro pros. I play in them every week and the uppers are starting to show a little wear, so I'd love to add another pair to my collection.

  21. I was looking into getting a new pair of cleats this season. I have lost one of my favorite boots after a game, and it would be great to have a new pair before the season starts

  22. Winner winner chicken dinner
    That’s why I should win

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