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Neymar’s “Written In The Stars” Mercurial Vapor In Detail

Neymar Nike Vapor XI

Along with this big money move from Barcelona to PSG, Neymar has been treated to a signature new boot. The Nike Mercurial Vapor “Written In The Stars” depicts a special timeline of how he has reached the current heights of his career. This is the first signature boot created and customed for Neymar in the Mercurial Vapor series, as he becomes a key feature player for the speed focused silo.

When it comes to performance, this boot provides everything you’d expect from a Vapor XI release. The upper is a lightweight Teijin microfiber. with ribbed texture placed across the upper called SpeedRibs. These provide extra definition and little extra cushion on the ball as you look to dribble at top speed. Everything about them is built for players that value a lightweight boot with solid traction and the ability to accelerate quickly out of tight spots without losing control of the ball. Or is that just Neymar making the whole thing look too easy?

Either way, the Mercurial Vapor has been a fan favorite across several generations and continues to be one of the most popular boot available on the market. Adding a slick Neymar design just adds an extra level of desirability for players. So, what are they really all about? Details below.

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Neymar Written In The Stars Vapor Upper

Neymar Written In The Stars Vapor Side Profile

Neymar Written In The Stars Vapor Front View

What Is Represented On The Boots?

Design wise, Brasil’s flag inspires the boot’s color palette (which is amplified to vibrant Blue Orbit and Volt) and is also reflected by a Southern Cross constellation graphic. But it doesn’t stop there. Key text is placed right across the upper and adds a much more personalized touch for the superstar.

This is one of the most incredibly detailed boots you will ever find. Nike went to great details in commemorating special moments in time for Neymar. Like, for example, highlights with the Brasil national team as well as the same five stars appear that are proudly displayed on the national team kits. The dotted geographical figures on the boot mimic maps of Barcelona and Brasil, respectively. While references to Neymar Jr.’s family also appear.

  • His debut goal as a member of the Brasil National Team, against the United States on August 10, 2010, when he was just 18 years old.
  • Last summer’s triumph in the Olympics — acknowledged via reference to Maracana Stadium.
  • 11.03.96 references the birthdate of his beloved little sister, Rafaella.
  • 24.08.11 signifies the birthdate of Neymar Jr.’s son, David Lucca.
  • 02.05.92 for Neymar Jr.’s own birthdate, as is his top speed, 34.7 KM/H.
  • His first goal against Real Madrid on October 26, 2013.
  • Neymar’s goal in the 2015 Champions League Final.

Neymar Vapor XI in Detail

Upon close inspection, one can see the “constellations” on the boot depict the path the ball took in the build-up to each of the goals referenced. Additional goals that are personally meaningful to Neymar and are marked on this boot include his 100th career goal on his 20th birthday and his legendary goal against Villareal, on August 11, 2015. Neymar scored in the 85th minute of the game by flicking the ball over his opponent’s head and striking it into goal, amazing everyone in the crowd and across the world. That daring yet joyful style of play is further captured on the lace aglets of the boot, which read “Ousadia” and “Alegria” (“daring” and “joy” in the player’s native Portuguese).

Even though this is a special edition release, the number of pairs available has not been limited. This gives all players the opportunity to own a pair in this style, from FG to Turf and Indoor shoes to a full range of junior sizes. You can currently check the entire available line-up at

Neymar Written In The Stars Vapor Soleplate

Neymar Written In The Stars Vapor Heel View

Neymar Nike Vapor XI Boot Bag

Boot Bag Included!

How could we finish off this feature without bringing you some details on an all important added extra that comes with your boots. One of the coolest part of this release has to be the boot bag, with Nike pulling out all the stops to create a proper show stopper for you to carry your pair around in. Given your mates are going to want to see every inch of your new boots in detail, having a cool boot bag that goes with it only increases the overall appeal!

Falling right in line with the concept of the boot design, the colorway and detailing placed on the bag tells the story of Neymar and where he has come from. Each individual piece of the story takes its own unique position within the Neymar Map of Moments. It features signature Yellow pull straps, and there is a zip located just inside where you can store your valuables a little more safely. Pretty cool addition, right?

Neymar Nike Vapor XI Bag Detailing

Neymar Nike Vapor XI Boot Bag Detailing

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