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Puma ONE Chrome 17.1 – Feature Review

Puma ONE Chrome Feature Review

Glazed with a reflective silver foil finish, the Puma ONE Chrome 17.1 is the latest limited edition release from Puma that sets a dramatic on-pitch statement. The mirror like visual effect that runs across the upper and underneath to the soleplate is just one piece that sets these apart. You also get Puma’s highly effective evoKNIT sock, intended to create a snug, locked-in fit around the ankle.

When we talk about performance, the Puma ONE is intended to be lightweight, provide clean touch, wear comfortably, shape across the foot with flexibility and last durably through extended wear. Basically, it is supposed to be a pretty ambitious all-in-one boot. And when you factor in their $274.99 price-tag, there is high expectations to live up to.

From experience with the ONE series, they have a lot of positives to offer. But how does that play out with this release? Here is my brief breakdown on what you need to know about the ONE Chrome 17.1.

Puma One Chrome Box

ONE Chrome vs ONE

First important note about this release is that there are several key differences on this version compared to the original. Most notable is the upper material. This time around, Puma has gone with a synthetic to really bring the finished visual effect to life. Built into the thin layer of upper skin lies a honeycomb internal cage that keeps the boot structured, while adding some additional texturing for touch and control on the ball. Key here is the fact the upper material is soft and easily folds as you roll your fingers across it, so the material is pliable enough to be worn right out of the box.

Puma ONE Chrome Synthetic Upper

Puma ONE Chrome evoKNIT

Puma ONE Chrome Lacing System

evoKNIT sock

One thing that Puma has got right is the shape and structure of the evoKNIT sock. Rather than being a rounded extension of the boot, the actual shape is contoured and knit in such a way that it sits snug right along your ankle, from the boot to the top of the sock. Off foot, you can actually see how the stitching is done in such a way to add a defined structure to the material. It feels super soft inside the boot and there is plenty of stretch, so in no way do I have comfort issues with this system. In fact, I’d rate it as one of the best extended collars on a boot from the big three brands! The knit material is extended down through the tongue and lacing system to allow for a more natural fit during play (where there is a little extra stretch for the boot to mold to your foot shape.)

Other Pieces Of Detailing

Something that isn’t quite as evident from online images is the Blue Depth detailing color. Rather than going with a standard Black, Puma has used a contrasting Blue through the signature side logo and cat. Adding to the dynamic visual effect of the release, a layer of silver glitter is added right along the top of the evoKNIT sock, where you slip your foot into the boot. This is definitely not something I’ve seen in a boot before!

Puma ONE Chrome Soleplate

Puma One Chrome 17.1 Heel

The Fit

In order to ensure a snug fit, Puma use the lacing system to lock the upper in around your foot. Looking at the lacing, you will notice two larger rectangular pieces that seem to merge into the upper. The one located nearest the top of the boot actually does, as it runs down and underneath the soleplate, allowing you to dictate how the tight the fit can be.

In terms of actual sizing, the ONE Chrome offers a pretty accommodating fit. There is plenty of stretch in the evoKNIT sock that allows for plenty of stretch as you slip your feet into the boots. Width wise, they are definitely a medium/wide fit with a little extra pliability in the upper as you start to work your shape and fit into them. Length wise, they have some extra room compared to other similar boots, on the market, probably the width of your little finger. It isn’t enough to need a half-size smaller, but for players who find boots like the Nike Tiempo or the adidas Purespeed to fit a little tight, these will provide a more natural fit.

Retail Details

Although this is a limited edition release from Puma, they won’t sell out as quickly as other brands. Still, they warrant taking a look at now before they do disappear from market. As far as Puma releases go, this is one of my favorite LE releases in a while. I love the design and the performance of the ONE series is top class. If the top-tier ONE Chrome 17.1 is not the boot or you, there is also a mid-tier ONE Chrome 17.2 available for a much more affordable $119.99. It doesn’t have the same reflective silver shimmer through the upper or soleplate, but it does offer a crisp metallic appearance.

Find the ONE Chrome 17.1 available at

Puma ONE Chrome 17.1

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