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What to Expect From The Nike Premier II

Nike Premier II Up Close

If classy, traditional style, heritage boots are your thing, then you are probably fully aware of what the Nike Premier line-up is all about. With its second generation release in the series, Nike has made a few minor updates across the upper. These changes are not necessarily intended to change the performance of the boot, instead they simply add a fresh dynamic and updated look.

From concept, Nike worked with the idea of creating a high performing, timeless classic that would be available to consumers for less than $100 (*note they currently retail for $110.) It wasn’t directly implied, but originally the boot was intended to be a competitor to the Adidas Copa Mundial. Now, it is in direct competition with the highly regarded adidas Gloro.

So what can you expect if you switch to the Nike Premier II?

Nike Premier II FG

Nike Premier vs Premier II

Premier vs Premier II

1. More Traditional Stitching 

Rather than the arced front to midfoot stitching found on the original, the stitching now follows a similar trend to old school Tiempo releases. By adding double cross layer stitching over the forefoot, the leather upper now has more ability to stretch in multiple directions. Outside of that, there isn’t a whole lot different in play, with a clean touch and feel on the ball still maintained.

2. Fold Over Tongue

The key difference between both is the additional of a small flap tongue over the top of the laces. The only real reason to add a small tongue like this has to do with visuals, and giving the boot a more iconic feel. Velcro is added just under the tongue and helps keep it locked down during games, it won’t move or sit upright.

3. Heel Hit

The final significant change lies on the heel, where Nike has added a large signature Nike hit to create some added nostalgia for defenders that are left chasing you from behind! Featured in the same font found on older model Nike shows, it like white coloring on a contrasting black upper allows it is stand out in dramatic fashion.

When everything is pieced together from a performance perspective, there isn’t a whole lot that differentiates both boots. Considering they keep their $109.99, that keeps them in the top value for money category. This is the type of boot that keeps things simple, so all you have to worry about is the game.

Nike Premier 2 Leather Upper

Nike Premier 2 Leather Upper Up Close

Nike Premier 2 Tongue

Nike Premier 2 Soleplate

How do they Fit?

This is an area where people have relayed different feedback. I tried a pair that were true to size and a pair that were listed a half-size up and I have to say that the half-size up felt more comfortable. There really isn’t a great deal of extra room in the boot and they seem to provide a sort of Tiempo Legend sizing to them. If I had gone with the true to size pair, I am sure they would have stretched somewhat over time and maybe that would have made a difference. But, I am all about finding the right size out of the box and I know more traditional players will appreciate that extra level of immediate comfort out of the box. My recommendation is to definitely consider going up a half-size on this one.

Retail Details

Everything about these oozes quality and they are going to really satisfy the traditional player who seeks a simple, uncomplicated boot. It was Nike’s goal to keep the price under $100, this latest version somehow jumped to $110. In reality, that isn’t a huge increase considering inflation and what the market currently looks like. Nike are able to keep the price reasonable since there is no big endorsed player to go along with the release, and there won’t be a team developing the “next” version. If value and quality performance is something you need in a boot, this is a top choice I personally recommend players check out at least once, just to see what they have on offer.

Find the Tiempo Premier II currently listed on

Nike Premier II Heel Hit

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