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Puma FUTURE 18.1 NetFit Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Puma FUTURE 18.1 NetFit Released

Puma FUTURE 18.1 with NetFit Lacing

Today, Puma welcomed in its latest boot designed to provide player with a completely new type of personalized agility fit in game; the FUTURE 18.1.

What makes these so unique is that they are the first boot with a truly customizable, locked down fit. The key to its creation is the inclusion of NETFIT technology that allows the wearer to lace their boots any way they want, creating a “perfect” fit. Whether you are wide or narrow footed the fit adapts to your fit specifications giving you the ultimate lock-down. And with its infinite customization options, NETFIT allows for the ultimate on pitch expression, allowing players to truly stand out with their own unique lacing designs.

Special Edition pairs now available at

Puma FUTURE 18.1

Puma FUTURE FG with NetFit

The FUTURE also introduces the brand new RAPIDAGILITY outsole, made of super lightweight and reactive PEBAX and containing a mix of conical and bladed studs that are designed to bring the best results in traction and stability. Perfect for those quick turns of pace, and moments of quick footed brilliance that leave your opponents in a twisted heap.

So, there are a few other key items you need to know about the FUTURE and its release:

#1 – The first glimpse of the FUTURE will be on the feet of Antoine Griezmann during the Madrid derby this weekend (Nov 18th) in the pictured colorway.

#2 – The FUTURE 18.1 NETFIT launch edition is a limited drop exclusive to selected key football retailers. The FUTURE silo will be commercially sold in 2018.

#3 – There is one downside to their release, however, as Puma is set to use the FUTURE as a direct replacement for the evoPOWER Vigor series, a boot I rate very highly. It sees a direct switch from Power to Agility.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve be wearing a pair of Puma Ignite Limitless NETFIT sneakers that is equipped with the new NETFIT system. Got to admit that I absolutely love them and have played around with different lacing styles to see what diference there are. Depending on how crazy you want to get, you can definitely creating dramatically unique fits with the ability to specifically enhance tension on a particular area. So, if you have worn boots in the past where you feel they fit too loose, NETFIT allows you to really focus in on that region! It is a unique addition to the boot market that should serve a very specific purpose.

With this being a very unique, limited edition drop, there is sure to be plenty of players looking to get their hands on a pair. Right now, we are waiting for official details on who will have them and when they will drop, but stay tuned and we will have additional updates right here!

Special Edition pairs now available at

Thoughts on the release? Who is ready to wear a pair?

Puma FUTURE Antoine Griezmann

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