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Mizuno Rebula MIJ – Picking the Right Size

Mizuno Rebula MIJ Fit

If you checked in on our most recent Mizuno Rebula MIJ feature, you might recall that sizing became an area of contention. Normally, I can be pretty exact in how a boot fits, but there was something a little different about the Rebula. In the “Fit, Size and Shape” section, I wrote the following:

Should you go up a half-size? Man, that is a tough one. Normally, I can answer the size question very quickly. But, with the Rebula things are a little more challenging. While a half-size up will be more accommodating from the beginning, the problem is the MIJ material does stretch. So, over time there is a likelihood that they will overstretch. From a personal perspective, I’d stick with my regular size knowing that it will take a few wears for them to break in. Keep a tried and trusted pair on hand as you break in the Rebula!

With this question in mind, I requested a half size up in the latest colorway just to see what type of difference it would make. Featuring a White/Black/Silver, this is also one of the cleanest designs we have seen on the Rebula to date. The addition of a silver shimmer across the signature roadrunner logo creates a standout effect in play. This past week, I broke them out into a game and quickly discovered that the additional size created a very different type of fit, and it definitely impacted my opinion from the above.

MIJ Mizuno Rebula Up Close

Mizuno Rebula MIJ K-leather Upper

Mizuno Rebula MIJ CT Frame

Picking The Right Size

So, normally I wear a 9US and that is what I wore when I originally tested the Rebula. It produced a very snug fit and I had to loosen the laces right to the bottom rung in order to make them feel more comfortable. They ended up being easier to wear as the k-leather upper loosed over time, but they were never going to be the most comfortable boot in the world.

Stepping into the 9.5US was a very different experience.

Adding a little extra room through the upper resulted in a much more efficient fit. First, I didn’t have to loosen the laces to get my foot into the boot, which is a definite positive right off the bat. Even the length proves more effective. The general construction and shape of the boot is designed to be a little tighter, pretty typical for a k-leather release. But what is different here is how the CT Frame provides additional strength to the upper material, allowing it to keep its shape over time. You will appreciate the additional room in the boot when you take them out of the box, the fit is just so much more natural. So my advice is to definitely consider ordering up a half size for just the right fit!

Check the latest Rebula MIJ line-up currently available at

Mizuno Rebula MIJ FG

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  1. which are wider in the forefoot the rebulas or the morelia neos?

  2. I have a pair of Copa 18.1 leathers and went for a 9UK. i am now having to weare two pairs of socks when i play assuming due to them stretching.

    My old F50 leathers were a 9UK and were perfect. I want to purchase the Rebula's MIJ. do you suggest a 8.5UK or stay with 9UK. Do you think they will stretch like COPA18.1?

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