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adidas Predator 18+ vs 18.1 – What Is The Difference?

Predator 18+ vs Predator 18.1

With the adidas Predator series officially back as a mainstream market release, there is currently a lot of people looking to jump back into the famous silo. It was one of the most highly anticipated new arrivals in recent time; the reintroduction of a true icon. There is a significant difference this time around though. Players now having the option of choosing between an Elite and Top-tier level boot. Laceless vs Laced. We are talking adidas Predator 18+ vs Predator 18.1.

That leads to the all important and all too common question of “what is the difference between both?” Here is what you need to know.

What do they have in common?

In order to really dig deeper into the differences, it is important to first factor in what similarities can be found on both boots. We are dealing with performance here more than visuals, since the colorway and actual design are pretty obviously identical.

  1. Both feature a Primeknit upper and compression mid-cut collar.
  2. The upper is also created in an a-typical Predator style. The upper features ridges that are strategically position for enhanced power and swerve.
  3. Underfoot, the stud configuration and design is the same, with both featuring a ControlFrame outsole.

How are they different?

So clearly, the underlying fundamentals of the boots are very similar and much in line performance wise. But, with an almost $75 price difference between both ($299.99 for the 18+ vs. $224.99 for the 18.1), it is important to dig deeper into the what are the actual differences between both.

  1. Upon first look, the obvious difference is laces. In similar fashion to the Nemeziz, adidas has looked at leveraging their mid cut collar to create a snug compression fit, while keeping things comfy. On the 18.1, they include laces to allow players the opportunity to create their own individualized fit.
  2. Visually, adidas also add some “upgrades” to the Predator 18+ First, they use a metallic finish along the heal portion of the ControlFrame, compared to a flat matte on the 18.1. Then there is additional gold detailing added to the heel of the 18+ to ensure players chasing in your wake know what they are dealing with, lol.
  3. Inside the boots, adidas include a Boost insole on the 18+ for some additional energy retention. For those not familiar with Boost, it is like a popcorn type material that has proven benefits underfoot when it comes to providing additional cushion. In the 18.1 you will find a standard insole that also has a nice squishy feel to it. But realistically, the Boost insole provides so much more underfoot.

adidas Predator 18 On Foot

Is the 18+ worth the price difference? 

When everything is considered, is the $75 value difference between both boots worth the money? That is a very valid question, with a question for an answer; what exactly are you looking for?

If you want a completely new type of performance that might or might not suit your style long term, then the 18+ is going to be the right boot. But, if you are looking to experience the Predator in a more natural element – where you can dictate a more personalized fit – you need to consider the 18.1.

Think of the adidas Predator 18+ as the next level of innovation with a little bit of extra mystique associated to it. Adidas has already proven it can create a game ready laceless boot, this release looks to build on that. It takes the Predator to a level where it has never been before. But there is a lot to appreciate about the 18.1, including the fact they are a lot more simplified. Having laces actually makes them a little less intimidating for players that want to step back in a Predator style release and experience the goodness of a sufficiently fitting power boot.

For those interested in both boots, here is where you can find everything currently available for both silos:

If you have experience with either or both boots, let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are. Is there a big difference in terms of in game performance? Would you recommend players pay up for the 18+ or grab a little more value with the 18.1?

adidas Predator 18+ vs Predator 18.1

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