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Best Wide Fitting Soccer Boots Of 2018 - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Best Wide Fitting Soccer Boots Of 2018

Wide Fitting Soccer Shoes 2018

It has been a while (in fact far too long) so we have updated a list of the best fitting boots for players that need some extra width. A lot has changed in the current market, including upper materials and the general shape of boots. This has obviously made things ever more complicated, leading to frustration as players struggle to find a soccer shoe suitable for their wider foot shape.

Let me start by highlighting the following; This is a list of suggested options that covers current general release options. We are not including custom order boots or anything that exceeds an EE. My personal foot shape is on the verge of a wide fit, so I’m basing the choices off how each boot feels and fits on my foot. There is no scientific analysis, but the following should serve as a starting guide of boots you should consider, and then try on before purchasing.

The following is the Best Wide Fitting Soccer Boots, 2018 edition.

Puma FUTURE Wide Fitting Boot

#1 – Puma FUTURE 18.1 NetFit

Category: Agility
Price: FUTURE 18.1 low is $199.99 while the top-tier FUTURE 18.1 is $219.99.

The premise behind Puma’s FUTURE series is to provide players with the “perfect” fit. NetFit technology is the key component that allows the wearer to lace their boots any way they want, with a truly customizable, locked down feel across the upper.

It is the FUTURE 18.1 low (above left) that provides the best option for wide fitting players. They feature a separated tongue, so when you loosen the lacing up the boot completely opens. Add this to the fact you can actually reroute the lacing through the NetFit upper and you have a boot that is very accommodating. The upper also has some stretch, so over time they will gently adjust if you feel like they are too snug starting out.

Alternatively, the top-tier FUTURE 18.1 offers a decent option, but they are a little tighter since you can’t loosed the laces completely up and you also have to squeeze your foot in through the evoKNIT ankle opening.

adidas Predator 18+ Wide Fitting Boot

#2 – adidas Predator 18+

Category: Control
Price: Predator 18+ is $299.99 while the Predator 18.1 is $224.99.

Who would have foreseen a Predator making this list, and especially the laceless version! For wide fitting players, your biggest test will be getting your foot in through the tight, high collar opening. But this shouldn’t prove to be a determining factor in choosing them. I’m going to defer to my notes from testing the boot on how they fit:

The one thing that excites me about these boots is just how accommodating they are for a wide variety of players and foot shapes. Because of the laceless style and the inclusion of a very tight ankle entry, there is bound to be a selection of players that immediately determine them to be a bad option. But, I say give them a chance. Once you slip your feet in, the actual fit and feel is pretty terrific with the upper stretching in a very unique fashion.

You can also go with the laced version if you want a little extra play with the fit. But, unlike the Puma FUTURE low, the laces don’t allow you to open the boot right up. You still have a closed tongue to contend with. The real advantage with the laceless Predator 18+ is the actual feel of the upper and the amount of give it offers. It proves to be more pliable, so your foot has room to push up against it. The material in the lower tier Predators is not as soft, so they don’t stretch as much.

Nike Magista Obra Wide Fitting Boot

#3 – Nike Magista Obra

Category: Agility
Price: Magista Obra is $299.99

The best Nike option available for players in need of a wide fitting shoe. What I especially like about the Magista Obra is the collar, which because of the shape is actually very easy to slip your foot in through. This is a spacious boot, with a very accommodating fit through the forefoot. The original Magista was very similar, and it quickly became a fan favorite for players in need of a wider fit.

Inside the boot, a plush layer of soft material molds perfectly across your forefoot. You can feel a layer of cushion between this material and the actual outside coating. As you begin to move your foot, the entire structure naturally contours and sways with your motions.

While looking at the Magista Obra, I considered the Magista Opus as an option, but they just don’t stretch as well as the Obra. This is related to the Flyknit used through the lacing area of the Obra, it allows for a more natural fit on foot. As a result, they are the more appropriate option to include on this list.

Mizuno Rebula V1 Wide Fitting Boot

#4 – Mizuno Rebula V1

Category: Power/Control
Price: Rebula V1 is $299.99 and the Wave Ignitus is $279.99.

Before I even start talking about the Rebula, note that you are going to need a half size up to get the right fit. One of the key features behind the Rebula V1 that provides a spacious fit is the ability to open up the laces. The general construction and shape of the boot is designed to be snug across the forefoot, pretty typical for a k-leather release. But what is different here is how the CT Frame provides additional strength to the upper material as it stretches to your foot shape, allowing it to keep its shape over time.

Again, going a half size up is key here. You will appreciate the additional room in the boot when you take them out of the box, the fit is just so much more natural.

When they were released, the Rebula actually replaced the Wave Ignitus series. Now, the Wave Ignitus is also an accommodating boot that became a fan favorite in recent times. But, they have become tougher to find in sizes as the boot has been phased out. I add them to the list here in case you can find a pair that fits. In reality, the Wave Ignitus is a good option, but the Rebula (a half size up) definitely provides players with a more suitable wide fit.

New Balance Furon Wide Fitting Boot

#5 – New Balance Furon 3.0

Category: Control
Price: Furon 3.0 is $199.99.

Here is a boot that might surprise on the list, but the Furon actually proves to be an accommodating boot compared to other options on the market. Performance wise, I haven’t personally been a fan of what New Balance create, but don’t let that deter if you need to try something fresh and different. Again, the ability to loosen up the laces proves key here, as you can really create a wide open fit before you slip your foot into them, tightening the laces to create a more custom fit.

What is even nicer here is that New Balance offer wider fitting options as part of their line-up. I’m just talking about the regular version on this list since they are the only ones I’ve tested, so if you want to play it safe then go with the wider fitting version.

Boots To Avoid

In reality, it might help more to actually narrow your options down. There are several highly popular silos on the market right now that are not designed to fit a wider foot. So, here is a selection of boots you will want to avoid:

Anything Nike Mercurial – It is no secret that the Mercurial silo has always been designed in a more sleek, narrow fasion. The current Superfly VI 360 and Vapor XII 360 are no different, both feature a very stiff upper with no give.

Mizuno Morelia Neo MIJ – As much as you might be tempted by “Made In Japan”, avoid this silo as it has a more sleek, pointed forefoot. They are designed for a medium fit, with some stretch through wear. But not enough to suit a wider foot.

Nike Tiempo Legend – This latest version of the Tiempo is much more accommodating than previous models, but they still won’t suit anyone with a wider foot shape.

New Balance Visaro –The shape is all wrong. So even if you find them to be wide enough for your foot, you need to contend with the angled toe-box.

In reality, your opinion counts more than anything else when it comes to the shape and fit of a boot. If you have experience with different boots on the list, let us know in the comments which pair you consider to be the most accommodating right now. Adding a comment help educate us and other readers on what you think are the best options.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Hi I play in an ace 16.1 primeknit size 10 and now they’re too small what size should I get in a
    Nike magista obra 2
    Predator 18.1

  2. Bummed to see Nike Tiempo Legend on the "Avoid" list. Thought those might work. I really wish Nike would start offering wide-fit boots again. Even if it has to be through Nike ID. I don't like the stud configuration on NB boots, otherwise, I'd probably have to go with those. As it is now, I'm just grateful I bought wide-fit Asics when those were still a thing.

    • A wide fitting NikeID option should be a thing. They would make a ton of money from players that can't find wide fitting boots!

      • My sentiments exactly. I actually got a pair of wide Trequartisas from Nike ID about four years ago. Best boots I've ever had. Haven't seen a wide soccer option from ID since. Unfortunately, of all 100+ shoes on ID, only two have a wide option.

  3. I use the New Balance Visaro Pro in 2e width. They are the best feel for me since the Nike Laser i. I would highly recommend!

    It’s interesting that the Furon 3.0 made your list because I really want a pair but I tried on the Furon 2.0 in 2e and barely got my foot in there. I guess there’s been a major design haul between the two then!

    Thanks for your list!

    • Appreciate that feedback. Glad the Visaro 2e has worked out.

    • No, the “Wide” Furon 3.0 are narrow. I bought a pair hoping that they would accommodate my Hobbitt feet but they don’t. And, the laces are super short for some reason. Poor design through and through from New Balance on the Furon 3.0.

  4. I squeezed my 7 1/2 eeeeee feet into kangaroo New Balance 2e Visaros for a while, because the only other cleats I had ever come close to fitting were 4e new balance baseball cleats with the toe cleat cut off.

    Then I found Lee and Yang, a small Korean company that does fully custom cleats. I decided to try them, and for under $150 I got a pair of cleats that fit exactly, and DO NOT HURT for the first time ever! They’re not fancy, but they seem very well made After a season of coaching and playing they’re still in great shape, so big thumbs up from me. They were very responsive and communicated well throughout. Great option for the very hard to fit.

  5. I play soccer a lot and had tried all kind of cleats. From my observation, Adidas makes skinny tight cleats like an eggplant, maybe their scientists spend most of their working hours testing in front of computers, they don’t play soccer or they would have understood the fitting more. I have noticed, Adidas cleats fit well with certain ethnic groups like the Africas and Arabs, the majority tend to have skinny calfs and narrow feet. Lots of professional players in Europe now are from these group, maybe this is why Adidas use them for testing the cleats. On the other hand, the Asians and Europeans tend to have larger calf muscles and wider feet.

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