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Up Close – adidas Predator 18+ “Deadly Strike”

adidas Predator 18+ Deadly Strike

Release Details

Officially listed as a Unity Ink/Aero Green/Hi-Res Blue colorway, this edition of the Predator 18+ was released as part of the “Deadly Strike” pack. They come in what is now a standard Predator style box, where you flip the lid from front to back to open. The boots sit on an extending platform that brings them forward toward you. Included inside you will find a black perforated boot bag, a shoe horn and an additional pair of comfort insoles.

Available options in this colorway include:

Predator 18+ Deadly Strike On Foot

How do they Fit?

The one thing that excites me about these boots is just how accommodating they are for a wide variety of players and foot shapes. Because of the laceless style and the inclusion of a very tight ankle entry, there is bound to be a selection of players that immediately determine them to be a bad option. But, I say give them a chance. Once you slip your feet in, the actual fit and feel is pretty terrific with the upper stretching in a very unique fashion.

Because some of you guys have a mega wide fit, I can’t say they are the top wide fitting boot currently on the market, but they are definitely in the category of solid options. Length wise they are very much on par with expectations, fitting true to size in similar fashion to other adidas silo’s like the Copa17 and Purechoas. If you have a specific boot you want a size comparison against, let me know in the comments and I’ll give you more details.

Predator 18+ Blue Unboxing

Is the 18+ Worth Their Price?

When everything is considered, is the Predator 18+ worth the $75 value difference compared to the Predator 18.1? That is a very valid question, with a question for an answer; what exactly are you looking for?

If you want a completely new type of performance that might or might not suit your style long term, then the 18+ is going to be the right boot. But, if you are looking to experience the Predator in a more natural element – where you can dictate a more personalized fit – you need to consider the 18.1.

Think of the adidas Predator 18+ as the next level of innovation with a little bit of extra mystique associated to it. Adidas has already proven it can create a game ready laceless boot, this release looks to build on that. It takes the Predator to a level where it has never been before. But there is a lot to appreciate about the 18.1, including the fact they are a lot more simplified. Having laces actually makes them a little less intimidating for players that want to step back in a Predator style release and experience the goodness of a sufficiently fitting power boot.

Predator 18+ Blue On Foot

Will They Stay On Your Feet?

This is the first ever Predator to feature a laceless style design, with the Primeknit upper offering the snug, sock-like fit that is absolutely necessary to wear them without falling off. And, of course, one of the most common questions I’ve received surrounds whether they actually do stay on your feet or not.

The answer will all depend on your natural fit. The wider your foot, the more space you’ll take up inside the boot. I’ll talk more about fit below, but know that they are not designed to slip off your feet. That wouldn’t make sense. In fact, it takes some effort to get your feet in through the narrow and constrictive ankle opening, so as it turns out that is actually the bigger challenge!

Predator 18+ Blue Upper

How Does The Upper Feel?

ControlSkin, a super soft synthetic material, is employed through the upper by adidas to create a clean and effect touch on the ball. To the touch, it is absolutely glorious and not what you would expect. From images, the tiered Predator styling on the front of the boot looks rigid and stiff. But, it is actually a built in foam structure that is incredibly pliable, and so super soft under your fingers. It has also has a stretch like feel to it, something that makes it very different from your standard types of synthetic you’d find on other boots. The concept is to add some additional definition for enhanced control on the ball, with the material having more angles to cushion while also providing a little extra rebound when you are striking shots.

This is a classy colorway, and definitely one of my favorite in the series to date. How refreshing is it to have a Predator available again, by the way, even if it is in a more modernized format. In terms of comfort and performance, this is one of your best options available right now, with the retail price being one of the only major stumbling blocks to owning a pair. With more colorways released, we are likely to see some of the original pairs hit clearance bins.

Thoughts on this colorway? Are you a fan of the new Predator 18+ silo?

For more details, makes sure to check out our adidas Predator 18+ Boot Review.

adidas Predator Deadly Strike Pack

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