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Puma ONE 18.1 - Worth Their Sale Price? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Puma ONE 18.1 – Worth Their Sale Price?

Puma ONE 18.1

Ah, how quickly the market moves forward and evolves! We just recently received a pair of Puma ONE 18.1 to test out, and already they have become an older model release. Introduced in January, retired by June; It happens that fast. Puma released a brand new model called the One 1 for the World Cup, highlighting the modern evolution of the brand and how they look to capture market attention. Fresh new colorways and updated additions to the silo proved extremely beneficial on the World’s biggest stage.

Even though we missed the deadline to review, it still seems relevant to offer up some thoughts on them, in case anyone was looking to take advantage of the killer deals currently available. With so many new versions coming to market in a short space of time, there is added inventory and that means opportunities to possibly stock up on a solid boot at a great price.

Puma ONE 2018 FG Boots

Rather than delving into a vast amount of content, here are the key takeaways (positive and negative) that should help you decide if they are the boot for you:

  • There is a synthetic and leather version of the boot available. The pictured pair is the synthetic.
  • Whichever pair you go for, the touch is incredibly soft and very natural – the highlight of the release.
  • Lacing is built into the one piece collar tongue, producing a very secure style fit.
  • There are some cutout eyelets that create a uniquely different style lacing system to other collar boots. Each is strategically positioned to enhance the security of the fit.
  • The transition from material upper to the knit collar is very rapid, which produced an unusual feel midway down my heel. I found it to be non-supportive, but at the same time others have reported it to be accommodating around the Achilles.
  • In terms of feel, the collar offers the right amount of security around the ankle. Puma has balanced the cut so it is not over reaching, yet gives you that as-one feel with the boot.
  • They fit very much true to size and accommodate a medium/wide fit nicely, something that might seem unusual for a Puma release.
  • The soleplate is very aggressive, with a collection of conical style studs on the forefoot and larger blades across the heel area.
  • Are they worth the money? On sale, yes, they are definitely worth checking out, especially if you are on the market for a solid back-up boot.
  • Any Negatives? My only negative is the feel across the heel, for me personally the transition between materials is no gradual. As a result, I found there was too much unnatural movement through the heel. I felt like the contouring wasn’t suited to my personal shape. So, they didn’t prove effective for me.

The current line-up is available anywhere from $99.99 to $129.99 pending what colorway and upper style you are looking for. Either way, they all prove to be a bargain for fans interested in the speed focused silo!

Any other questions or comments about them, hit up the comments below!

Puma ONE 18.1 Collar

Puma ONE 18.1 Heel

Puma ONE 18.1 Upper

Puma ONE 18.1 Soleplate

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  1. any comparison to the 18.2? Looks very similar

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