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UA Magnetico Pro Boot Review

Under Armour Magnetico Pro Black Silver

How do you make the boot with “zero break-in time” even better? Give it a classy paint job of course! Under Armour has taken the Magnetico Pro to new levels, and this one really is top quality. Who doesn’t love a stealth blackout upper with some silver magnetic detailing? You get that no-nonsense look with a slight mirror effect that makes them just a little more refined.

Since these arrived in, we have been putting them through their paces with very popular results. During the time, many of you asked about the overall performance and if they really were a boot that didn’t need any break-in time. Well, here is our slightly different style review that gives you all the answers you need to know about the Magnetico Pro series!

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UA Magnetico Pro in Black Silver

What You Need To Know

The UA Magnetico Pro is a boot designed to provide the ultimate lock-down. It all takes shape (no pun intended) via a three layer synthetic with internal auxetic structure that offers a second skin-like fit, plenty of strength and stability throughout. The form-fitting upper offers a truly personalized fit, making it seem like these boots were created just for you. FORMTRUE technology offers the softness of leather, with the durability of a synthetic. This offers a fantastic fit, feel, and responsiveness in every step.

Looking at them from a side view, you can see how the full length Clutchfit technology runs through the upper, providing additional strength in what is a very thin upper material. It is designed to keep the boot snug on your foot with minimal overstretch, so you can maximize comfort in the snuggest fit possible.

Initial Reaction

On foot, they are absolute quality. What is unfortunate is that fact that a lot of players will miss out on a release like this just because it is not from one of the top three soccer brands. Under Armour are an established company and have done enough to prove their worth in the soccer market, but it is difficult to drag player attention away from the likes of adidas and Nike. Feedback from players that have taken the leap to the Magnetico has been extremely positive. And I can personally add to that list.

UA Magnetico Pro Review

UA Magnetico Pro Silver Chrome Soleplate

How do they Fit?

Obviously, one of the most important aspects of this boot is the fit, since that is what they are built around. First thing, they are not a spacious boot. So, if you need something with a proper wide fit, you might as well stop reading now. There is some stretch in the upper and it is very supple, but they are built to be extremely snug and I see them as a better option for players with a medium/wide fit. The forefoot is also designed like a tunnel, where it forms like a tube and narrows in toward the toes.

When you take them out of the box for the first time, loosen the laces as much as you can. Give the boot an opportunity to “breath” as you slip your foot in to them. Once you get them on, tighten the laces to your required specification and let the Clutchfit technology do its job. If, then, you feel emotionally connected to the boots, you know you have the right pair!

Performance On Foot

As a player that values a comfortable, speedcentric style boot, I thoroughly enjoy wearing the Magnetico Pro. Under Armour has focused in on creating a specific style of boot and executed very efficiently. First, the FORMTRUE upper material offers the softness of leather, with the durability of a synthetic. it is extremely supple and provides very natural feel through wear. There are not many better boots currently on the market that provide players with that as one feel with the ball. Obviously, this proves most useful for wingers and players that need to where exactly where the ball is as they dribble at speed. For defenders, it might not be as useful simply because you feel everything that hits you foot!

Next up is that soleplate and the traction you can expect. First thing, visually it is stunning. A silver chrome finish provides a pretty exquisite visual effect, especially for the defenders you are leaving in your wake. it is another piece of the boot that I like a whole lot, gotta love the added bling! In terms of performance, UA has created an ultra-lightweight chassis that enhances the foot’s natural ability to flex in any direction. In other words, it is ultra responsive and allows you to accelerate out of tight spots.

Through testing, I wore these on both FG and AG surfaces with positive results. The traction system is primarily influenced by low-profile conical studs that provide fluid release from all surfaces. I love low-profile conical studs as they release very easily without unnecessary drag, so you are able to take advantage of your directional momentum. Note though that the soleplate does chip over time, with the chrome finish coming off is small chunks. Under Armour does warn about this via a sticker on the soleplate, just don’t be shocked if you start seeing areas that have a matte grey finish rather than the silver chrome.

UA Magnetico Pro Synthetic Upper

UA Magnetico Pro Clutchfit Upper

UA Magnetico Pro Heel

Critics Notes

There is one thing to watch out; the fact you get absolutely no protection through the upper. The material is very thin and designed for full feel on the ball. So, you are going to feel the impact provided by every defender’s studs!

Retail Details

This particular colorway, that retails for $219.99, is without a doubt my favorite release to date. But there are other colorways available if you are looking to test them out without paying full price, ranging as low as $109.99. Are they worth their retail price? To the right player they definitely are. This would be a player that values speed and wants a very form-fitting boot.

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: A very pure speed boot that provides real touch on the ball and a very responsive traction system under foot.
Category: Speed
Weight: 6.75oz
Would I Buy Them: I like them a lot, so yes. Players that reach outside the box for something different will definitely enjoy them!
Player Position: Definitely more of an attacking style boot, best for players like to take players on and appreciate the feel of the ball as they move at speed.

Review Scores out of 10

Visual Effect
Speed Category


User Rating: 4.13 ( 2 votes)

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