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SOXPro Grip Socks Review

SOXPro sport socks

Over the past few years, we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of players wearing “performance enhancing, grip socks” as part of their training and game-day kit. The opportunity to wear something that is comfortable while improving stability seems to be a top seller.

There is now a new player on the US market, with the arrival of SOXPro. The SOXPro sport socks were designed by Cristian Di Leo, an ex-professional player and the concept came from a very unique source. In 2007, Cristian was part of Lotto Team, the famous Italian sports brand. During this time, he had the opportunity to test the first prototypes of the Lotto “Twist’Ngo” boots. This experience introduced him to the technical aspects of soccer performance and gave him insight into how grip can enhance a players opportunity to to feel like a pro.

Performance – What You Need To Know

What exactly is a sock like this supposed to do? Well, the goal is to enhance overall grip in your boot, so there is less slipping and more immediate traction allowing you can torque and twist at top speed. I’ve been wearing several different pairs (in different colors) over the past few weeks while testing several boot silos. First thing of note, they fit incredibly well, right around the foot. I’d compare them as having an almost compression like fit, with contouring in just the correct areas. This ensures they fit really comfortably without cutting off circulation. In other words, they are super comfortable to wear.

Underfoot, they feature anti-slip arrow-shaped silicone technology that activates a “Grip: IN” action, the key component to reducing movement inside the boot. And that proves super true in play as the arrows generate a high level of adhesion between the sock and the inner sole of the shoe. What makes them more unique is that the arrows are not just placed on the sole, but also in strategic areas along the heel. This improves grip through lateral and vertical movements, again as your foot twists through play.

As far as grip socks do, these are some of the best I’ve worn. They fit really well, are comfortable right around the foot, provide a noticeable improvement in grip., and they are actually more reasonably priced than competing brands. That, in my opinion, makes them better value for money and a more worthwhile investment.

SOXPro Soccer Socks On Foot


How To Wear Them?

By now, you have probably seen pictures of a lot of pro players wearing grip socks in game. In order to do this, they have to cut their game socks, ensuring they have “official” socks in view, with the benefit of grip technology in the boot. Thankfully, there is a wide range of SOXPro colors on offer, ensuring you can match up with your team colors. Sadly, you will need to cut your socks around the ankles to make it work. And it also helps to have some same colored tape to secure the connection around both pairs of socks. You could just wear the SOXPro over your game socks without cutting them, but it is going to create an extremely snug fit in your boot. For players with a narrow foot, that might not be an issue but for your medium to wide fitting players, the double layer might be too much. Plus, you really don’t want to add an extra barrier reducing natural feel on the ball.

When it comes to practice or team training, you can just wear them as is unless you are required to wear shinguards! Then you will also need to cut your primary practice socks while having some tape on hand.

SOXPro Socks for Soccer

Are They Worth The Money?

Again, TRUSox are one of the most affordable grip socks currently on the market while producing solid performance results. So, they already have an advantage over the competition. I definitely think they are worth testing at least once, because the benefits far outweigh the disadvantage of not ever testing a pair. They are either going to improve performance dramatically, or they are going to be useful as an extra sock option. I can’t see them producing negative results for any player.


In the US, they are available exclusively for the first time through AviataSportswith a wide selection of colorways available. Retail wise they are $29.99 and you can use code SHIP101 during checkout to get free shipping on your pair.

SOXPro soccer player socks

 What Are The Benefits Of Wearing SOXPro Socks?

According to the folks at SOXPro, here is what you should expect from your pair.

  • Greater comfort and balance. The extra cushion protect your foot and its arch from shocks.
  • Extraordinary sensation of power transfer during the performance.
  • Increase of speed and explosiveness when changing direction.
  • Reduction of sprains caused by lateral movement of the foot.
  • Reduction of micro movements that occur in sports. Ex: soccer, rugby, tennis, volley etc.
  • The Grip: IN action on the heel prevents from blisters caused by the slipping of the sock on moist skin.

How To Maintain Your SOXPro Socks

In order to preserve the quality and extend the durability of SOXPro socks, we recommend:

  • Washing in cold water by hand or maximum at 30° in a washing machine.
  • Wash the SOXPro socks inside out to maintain the action of the arrows Grip: IN.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Dry in open air only, not in the dryer.
  • Do not expose to excessive heat, like directly on a hot radiator.

Black SOXPro

SOXPro Sock Black

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