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Up Close – Paul Pogba Predator 18+ “Soundwaves”

adidas Predator 18+ PP Season 4

Over the past few years, we have seen Paul Pogba become a key piece of adidas advertising strategy. If there is a player that enjoys being in the spotlight, it is definitely the Manchester United star. He does have his own set of dictionary words after all; Pogboom, Poggoal, Pogdab, Pogboots! So, it is not surprising to see him become one of the first players to get his own bi-yearly collections.

His latest Season 4 Collection focuses on the soundwaves of Pogba’s career to date, highlighted by a fully loaded, custom pair of adidas Predator 18+ that he has been wearing on pitch in recent weeks. We grabbed a pair just to see what they have on offer and how they look up-close.

You can find adidas Paul Pogba Predator 18+ exclusively at

Paul Pogba Predator Unboxing

adidas Predator Pogba Unboxing

adidas Predator 18+ PP Review

The theme of this pack is “the soundwaves of Pogba’s career to date”, and it all starts with what is a standout boot box. You can obviously tell that there is something exclusive about this release just by looking at the box. In your hand you have something that is very different from the rest. Open it up, and immediately you see how the pattern of soundwaves transfers over to the actual boot, with the Primeknit upper featuring a wild musical track style pattern right along the forefoot. Basically, the rhythm – or continuous ups and downs – of Pogba’s game! adidas use a military inspired colorway across the pattern to highlight the design, with a dynamic red to gold fade used on the iconic adidas 3-stripe for added contrast.

When you hold them in hand, you realize just how simple the overall design is. Online pictures really don’t do them justice. Right through the upper, you can see how the Primeknit material forms underneath the surface. There is a layer of translucent ControlSkin adds to the durability of the boot, while allowing you to actually see how the material is weaved together through the forefoot. It is a really cool look!

adidas Predator 18+ Pogba Upper

adidas Predator 18+ Pogba Primeknit

adidas Predator 18+ Pogba Upper Design

Underfoot, things are a little more dramatic with a metallic gold soleplate used for added bling. It is one part of the boot that produces that added wow factor, creating an upgraded effect compared to the standard Predator releases. adidas also incorporate Boost technology into the soleplate, providing some additional energy retention through game. Injected polyamide layers stabilize movement in the soleplate, while a ControlFrame with a Hybrid stud tip configuration offers solid traction through quick, dynamic twists and turns.

Pogba Preds Soleplate

Paul Pogba Predator18 Gold Soleplate

Paul Pogba Predator Heel

In reality, this latest Predator release is crafted with players like Pogba in mind. It really is a boot that compliments his playing style. Note here that this is not a striking specific boot, and it is not focused on providing extra power behind your shots. Instead, the focus is clearly on ball control with the added bonus of providing a nice feel when striking shots. The tagline for the boot even stated that they offer “clinical precision for the master of control.”

As part of the PP Season 4 collection, this release also joins ranks with the adidas Limited Collection. Originally released in October, there are currently pairs still available exclusively via


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