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The World’s Most Comfortable Soccer Lifestyle Shoe!

adidas ACE 16+ Ultraboost

Some might say that starting a conversation about a shoe by saying they are the “World’s most comfortable” is setting oneself up for failure. I can tell you right now that I’m standing by the fact that I rate the adidas ACE 16+ Ultraboost as the most comfortable soccer lifestyle shoe in the world right now. In fact, I find it difficult to recall any that have even been anywhere close.

A few weeks back, I picked up a pair in the camo themed Clear Brown/Clear Brown/Tech Earth colorway, as pictured. They are pretty bold. My kids call them the leopard shoes, while my wife hates seeing me in them because I wear them all the time. Even I am honest enough to admit you have to be pretty brave to wear this particular colorway. Fortunately for me, that is exactly what has happened, they have become my absolute favorite shoe to wear and they have actually added a positive step in my day, seriously.

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adidas ACE 16+ Ultraboost Knit Upper

adidas ACE 16+ Ultraboost Knit Collar

adidas ACE 16+ Ultraboost Underfoot

First, the laceless Purecontrol-styled upper made of knit provides the most natural feel across your foot compared to any other shoe. Some players might not enjoy laceless when it comes to actual on pitch game play, Being honest, I prefer laced over laceless in games. When it comes to a shoe you wear as a lifestyle option, the ACE 16+ Ultraboost so incredibly comfortable. There is no unnecessary pressure across the foot, and as you move the material does too. You get plenty of lateral stretch as you twist and turn, or just walk through your day. Everything about the upper feels natural and allows you to go about your day undistracted.

Second, Ultraboost is just a dream to have underfoot, it is seriously like walking on pillows, or clouds, or marshmallows. Whatever you are in to! With every stride, the simple yet effective technology soaks in vibration and provides a pure, relaxed feel under every step.

adidas ACE 16+ Ultraboost Sole Traction

This is kind of random, but worth noting since it is a mini-review. Over the past few months, I’ve been struggling with static shocks everywhere I go, especially in my office where I basically got shocked no matter what I was touching. Since wearing these, the static shocks have completely stopped happening. I’ve had a few random ones here and there, but the decrease has been like 90% since I put these on. Thus why I wear them all the time, and thus why my wife if not impressed!

When it comes to negatives, I struggle to find any major remarks. One that is worth noting is that they are not waterproof, because the upper is knit. I guess if you want to wear them in life moments where it might rain or there is snow around, they are not an option.

If this safari style print is not your cup of tea, there are other colorways currently available (and actually on sale!)

Find the entire ACE 16+ Ultraboost line-up available at

adidas ACE 16+ Ultraboost On Foot

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