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Is The Mercurial Vapor XII Pro Nike’s Best Kept Secret?

Nike Mercurial Vapor Pro Review

When Nike released their latest Mercurial line-up, they did something a little different. Instead of giving the mid-tier option a distinctive name, they stuck with the Vapor tag. So, we were given the option of the Vapor XII Elite or the Vapor XII Pro. That has proved slightly confusing for players as both sound like premier options. But with an almost $100 difference and plenty of individual performance pieces on offer, you definitely need to know what both have to offer. More importantly, you need to realize that the Vapor Pro could easily be one of Nike’s best kept secrets, and here is why.

First off, there are definite similarities between the Vapor Pro and Vapor Elite that makes it is easy to understand why they deemed to be one of the top-selling mid-tier boots on the market. Everything about the design is streamlined and built for speed, with the added texture through the upper enhancing touch and control on the ball. You don’t get the 360 Flyknit design found on the Vapor Elite, but you do get a Teijin microfiber that is very similar to what has been used on prior elite model in the range. In other words, you are getting a quality upper material in a boot priced around the $120.

Nike Vapor Pro Texture Upper

Nike Vapor Pro Chevron Blades

Also, at 7.2oz, the Vapor Pro falls comfortably into the lightweight boot category and will give you twinkle toes in play. Personally, I just love the shape of the boot as it looks so aerodynamic, with a forefoot design that arrows down towards the toes. In order to enhance the shape of the boot, Nike has included a closed tongue design. This ensures the boot sits snug right across the midfoot. You can loosen the laces right up, with a tongue separating about one-quarter of the way down, but after that it produces a locked down feel on foot.

Then, I came across this really cool comparison below, posted by soccer.com, that details the differences between the Vapor 12 Elite and the Vapor 12 Pro. It is well worth checking out as Cole breaks down the subtle differences between both, also coming to the conclusion that the Vapor Pro is one of Nike’s best kept secrets. Better yet is the fact that most models are on sale right now, providing even better value for money if you are looking for a new boot to check out. They come recommended!

Check out the entire line-up of Nike Vapor XII Pro boots at soccer.com.

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