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Up Close – Joma Propulsion Lite

Joma Propulsion Lite FG

Over the past few years, we have seen many brands come and go as the market has continually evolved. One that has stuck around, even if with a very limited number of boots, is Spanish brand Joma. We have featured their releases in the past, and actually have a pair of their boots in hand at the moment; the Joma Propulsion Lite.

Now seems like the absolute perfect time to profile them, for several reasons. Not only are they a quality speed boot options at a very competitive price, but they are now listed at a closeout price that makes them an absolute no brainer to consider picking up, if of course they suit your playing style.

Below, we breakdown a few of the keys pieces to the Propulsion Lite that you should know about, that should prove useful to those that are deciding to invest in a pair!

Joma Propulsion Lite Fit

They Fit Long

Size wise, they have a definite speed boot fit. What I mean by that is they are very sleek and slender, designed for players that appreciate a snug and compact fit. I found that they fit long and slightly narrow. The size 9US I tested was definitely longer than I would have desired, so my advice is to go a half-size down to get the best fit. If you have a wide fit, just avoid them all together. I rate my fit as a medium/wide and they fit decently well, but I wouldn’t recommend them to players that need additional width. They won’t stretch very much over time.

Definite Speed Boot

At 7.2oz, this a boot that perfectly fits the speed boot mold. You can tell by looking at them that they are designed to provide players with an aerodynamic profile. The lightweight, synthetic threaded upper sits very close across the top of your foot, giving you an as one feel. Underfoot, they feature a very dynamic soleplate. Low profile conical studs are designed to penetrate and release from the surface in rapid time, especially through sharp cuts and direction changes. I also found that they are extremely useful on both FG and AG surfaces, so if you cross between both they are a worthy addition to your arsenal.

Joma Propulsion Lite

Joma Propulsion Lite Upper

Visually Wild!

Joma’s use of a wild Blue/Neon Yellow colorway is not just for visual effect. The upper is a combination of a semi-transparent, synthetic upper layer with a neon knit threaded throughout to minimize weight and increase durability. As you hold the boot up close, you need to do a double take to comprehend how the material is pieced together. But once you figure it out, it is pretty dramatic. The knit just underneath the surface creates a look you don’t expect to see on a boot priced under $100!

They Have A Collar

Here lies another incredibly useful addition to the Propulsion Lite, a comfortable elasticized mesh collar that wraps around your ankle through wear. The material feels like a neoprene, so it doesn’t have the same feel as what you get from top brand collared boots like adidas, Nike and Puma. It seems like a cheaper material, but in all honesty it works very effectively on foot. I also have to point out here that it isn’t a mid or high cut collar, instead acting like a regular style boot cut. I was concerned before wearing them that this would result in some discomfort (where the upper would pierce through the Neoprene) but that hasn’t been the case. Will the material overstretch? I’ve only worn them a half dozen times, but I’m pretty confident that they won’t stretch much. There is nothing to date that points to the fact they could stretch over time.

Joma Propulsion Lite Collar

Joma Propulsion

Game or Backup Boot?

What is unfortunate is that a lot of players won’t have the opportunity to try these boots simply because they don’t hold the name of a big brand. It can be tough to bypass that factor. But don’t be fooled. The Propulsion Lite are in no way sluggish, in fact they are quite the opposite. They would make an ideal game boot if you are on a budget, or they make a perfect backup boot for players that are not afraid to try something just a little different.

Retail Details

So here is the fun part. In reality, I’d rate these as a very competitive option for their original $119.99 retail price. They fill all the right boxes for a player in need of a speed style boots on a budget. But right now, they are even better value – listed for a ridiculous $49.99!!!

We are not sure how long the deal will last, but you can currently find them available at

Joma Propulsion Lite Review


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