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What is the Difference Between Predator18 and Predator19?

adidas Predator18 vs Predator19

With the recent release of the Initiator Pack, adidas introduced us to the next generation Predator 19+. I say next generation, but that is not exactly the case. Rather than re-creating the Predator silo, adidas made some modifications and updated the Predator 18+ in a very simple fashion. If you are wondering what the differences are, here is what the Predator 19+ has that the Predator 18+ hasn’t.

  • A larger rubber component added to the heel (seen below), to help keep a more natural/contoured shape and provide additional protection through the area.
  • The addition of some black detailing along the Predator ridges, creating a slightly more defined look.
  • adidas has also added the word Primeknit in digital font just inside the collar, in case you forget what the material actually is when you take the boots off.

adidas Predator Heel Design

So in reality, performance doesn’t change a whole lot! It is basically just some freshening of the aesthetic. It seems like adidas wanted to make the design a little more visually prominent on pitch, so fans could distinguish the texturing a little easier. Your eye is immediately drawn to the contracting black lines, which is exactly what they were hoping for. As for the rubber element on the heel, it might provide protection in the right situation, but in general you notice too much different.

So, you could say that the key difference is the +1; changing the naming from 18+ to 19+. adidas seem to have found their winning formula on the laceless Predator silo, so they are here to stay as they are for now!

You can still find pairs of the Predator 18+ available HERE

But, for those that want to get the newest Predator 19+ you can find them HERE

adidas Predator Laceless Collection

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