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Up Close - New Balance Furon v5 Pro - Soccer Cleats 101
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Wednesday , June 19 2024

Up Close – New Balance Furon v5 Pro

NB Furon v5 Up Close

Early last week, we received a pair of New Balance latest attack themed boot; Furon v5 Pro. Having finally nailed down a boot with quality performance in V4, the fifth generation comes with some pressure to deliver in an even better way. NB has gone with an Turquoise fade to Black colorway that definitely stands out from the rest of the market. They are very distinct.

So, what has this latest version of Furon got to offer that we should know about? It starts up top, where a bonded mesh upper is integrated with a low-profile track collar for ultimate response and natural locked-in feel. The lacing system runs higher on the boot than other traditional styles, increasing striking surface area. The speed and acceleration part is taken care of underfoot, where a data-driven directional stud pattern enhances ultra-aggressive take-off in tight situations. Added along with that a Fantom Fit full-foot “skeleton” provides targeted lock-down and unrivaled, explosive acceleration.

Find pairs available at

New Balance Furon v5 Upper

New Balance Furon v5 Pro

As much fun as it is looking at PR images, having a pair in hand can help pick up on key detailing pieces that you might have otherwise missed. You can gain so much more insight by actually seeing them in person and checking them out at different angles. That was definitely the case here. For example, there is a built in collar design on this version that locks in right around the angle. It creates a different fit to the previous 4th edition release, which leveraged a slightly higher cut tongue and less lockdown. So, immediately these have a different type of fit on offer, one that feels tighter on foot.

Next, there are several aesthetic updates that are cool in person. First, the New Balance logo on the side of the boot is coated in a chrome silver color, adding a direct contrast against the primary black upper. Also, a green fleck (like a sparkle) has been added through the heel, also adding a more dynamic move that can be seen as you move the boot.

5th Generation New Balance Furon

New Balance Furon Heel

Finally, there is also a new Ortho insert in these boots, providing players with a more comfortable feel underfoot. You can see the liner through transparent portions of the soleplate, with a checkered design dispersing pressure across the sole. But in case you prefer the original, New Balance also include an additional pair in the box, giving you the option. These, along with the traditional boot bag, are solid free additions!

For those not familiar with New Balance boots, it has taken time but they are finally at a level of performance where they provide market value. It took several generation of releases, but they listed to player feedback and finally have quality products in the Furon and Tekela silos. As such, there is plenty more exciting things to come from the brand in the next 12 months, so it is a good time to keep an eye on what they are doing!

You can find this v5 release colorway available at

New Balance Furon V5 Unboxing

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