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Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 NJR Silêncio Released

Mercurial Vapor 360 NJR Silêncio

With his impending return from injury on the horizon, Nike has introduced a new boot called Mercurial Vapor 360 NJR Silêncio specifically for Neymar to wear. The new NJR Silêncio boot represents this and celebrates Neymar Jr.’s capacity to silence doubts, dismiss distractions and let his skills speak on the field.

If you are wondering what the design is all about, the boot is covered in a unique graphic made up of multiple black “SHHHs” that feature a miniature white chevron pattern in the letters. The letters gradually fade from black to gray as they move from the outsole onto the upper. And what makes them even more unique is the fact that no two boots are exactly the same.

“SHHH is not about me silencing the rest of the world, it’s about me going silent and focusing on what I have to do for my future as a player and as a man,” says Neymar Jr.

Finally, Neymar Jr.’s logo appears on the heel and it is augmented by a diamond and a crown, two of his personal mantras (and elements of his body art). This completes what is a fascinating release.

Neymar Vapor SHHH

The Mercurial Vapor 360 NJR Silêncio was actually a boot that was intended for release in January, but it has been a frustrating time for Neymar as he has had to sit out with injury. As a result, Nike postponed the initial introduction. We are not quite sure when he will actually return to play, but when he does expect to get a first on-field look at them.

Find the entire NJR Silêncio collection right now at soccer.com.

Neymar Vapor360 SHHH

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  1. I like that boot it suits Neymar and he does its work on the field .

    Neymar is the best i like him .

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