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What Are The Best Wide Fitting Soccer Boots On The Market? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

What Are The Best Wide Fitting Soccer Boots On The Market?

Wide Soccer Cleat Options

We spent some time this week researching to answer one of the most popular questions soccer players ask; what are the best wide fitting boots available? With brands focusing more on streamlining their designs, wide fits have sort of become a thing of the past. And that really isn’t good for you guys!

Off hand, I could list 5 or 6 boots that you already consider top options. So, rather than just rattle off what you already know, I wanted to create a more decisive breakdown, giving you a better understanding of what makes them more suitable. After breaking down several ideas of how to do this, I came up with what is the most accurate data you will find out there right now, using multiple data points to come up with the final numbers.

There are a few things to note here:

  • All calculations are listed in inches.
  • Each boot used was size 9US, every pair.
  • We used a digital caliper to get them as accurate as possible.
  • We looked to include as many boots as possible; if there is a pair you want to know more about let us know in the comments!
  • There are some internal factors that might impact the actual fit of the boots such as:
    1. Additional padding through the heel.
    2. Internal straps or modulated pieces.
    3. An off-shape soleplate.
  • The results should be used as a guide only, we take no responsibility if they don’t fit as you expect.
  • Upper materials can impact size, with softer materials allowing for more space as your foot pushes against the vamp.
  • We included some older model boots to give you some historical sizing to compare to.
  • The two boot not included that we will add in the near future are the adidas Copa19 and the New Balance wide fit boots.
  • We will continue to add more boots over time as we get them!

What measurements did we use?

PT1 – The measurement inside the boot between the upper and soleplate. We used the same point on every single boot by distancing 1.5 inches back from the front wall of the boot. The higher the number, the more the material sits off your foot.

PT2 – Using the location of PT1, we measured the width of the boot straight across at that point. This gives us an indication of how wide the box zone is. The higher the number, the more space your toes have to squeeze into the boots.

PT3 – The widest measurement across the vamp of the boot, this was usually across the ball socket. This gives you an indication of how wide they are before you put them on.

PLATE – The measurement of the soleplate at its widest spot through the forefoot, again usually across the ball socket. This calculation can help you understand more about comfort and over-spill.

CAP – The most important number. This is our estimate of the amount of space available inside the front cavity of the boot, basically the area from your midfoot through to your toes. The higher the number, the better opportunity you have of the boot fitting wide.

LENGTH – From the heel to the toe, so you have an idea of how long they are.

adidas X18+1.683.093.83.519.726611.5
Pantofola d'Oro Lazzarini1.633.183.83.6519.696911.58
Puma King TOP Di1.673.153.733.4219.621711.25
adidas Predator 19+1.493.343.913.819.458511.51
adidas Copa Mundial1.73.13.683.4219.393611.55
adidas Nemeziz
Diadora Brasil Italy1.53.353.833.3619.245711.55
Nike Hypervenom Phantom III1.563.163.853.5718.979011.42
Puma ONE 11.543.193.863.5218.962611.28
adidas COPA 18.11.643.133.683.618.890211.33
New Balance Tekela1.53.343.743.4418.737411.28
Nike PhantomVSN1.583.113.813.4818.721611.41
Lotto Stadio Primato1.593.23.673.6518.673011.29
Nike PhantomVSN Pro1.593.123.763.4918.652611.41
New Balance 4421.613.143.673.4418.553311.4
Puma FUTURE 2.11.573.163.723.518.455711.45
adidas Predator Instinct1.523.23.783.6818.385911.4
Concave Volt+
adidas X18.21.663.013.653.5718.237611.5
Nike PhantomVNM1.483.253.773.6418.133711.41
Nike Tiempo Legend VII1.393.283.863.5417.598511.27
Under Armour Cluthfit1.53.123.753.4517.554511.55
New Balance Furon1.513.123.643.4617.148811.3
Mizuno Morelia Neo1.483.143.653.5816.962311.27
Puma evoSPEED1.453.153.673.5516.762711.23
Nike Premier1.53.063.643.5416.707611.33
adidas adiZero f501.443.163.673.5716.700011.4
Nike Mercurial Superfly1.463.223.543.4816.642211.35
Nike Mercurial Vapor1.353.133.653.415.423111.24
Puma FUTURE 19.11.543.313.863.619.675911.45

The Results – Top 5 Options

adidas X18+ Wide Fit

#1 – adidas X18+

If you have ever held the X18 in hand, you will know that they have a very high forefoot, with a more rounded than arrow toe-box. But, there are positives and negatives that make these an indifferent option. Since they are laceless, the ankle opening is designed to be incredibly tight. So, you need to work to get your feet into them. Once inside, they provide a lot of space for your toes to move around. The second negative lies in the fact they upper is a synthetic material, which means you will get very little stretch out of them.

Ultimately, these are the boots with the most space available of any right out of the box. They will fit a large selection of players, pending you can get your foot into them!

CAP Score: 19.72656 i
Max Width: 3.8 inches
Upper Material: SkeletalWeave
Weight: 6.6oz
Retail: $274.99

Pantofola Lazzarini Wide Fit

#2 – Pantafolo d’Oro Lazzarini

One of the most classic styled boots on the market, the Pantafolo d’Oro Lazzarini is an absolutely beautiful boot with a lot of positives to offer wide fitting players. The upper is a k-leather, so you automatically know that you can expect some additional stretch with the spacious upper. I’d consider these to be the most well-rounded wide fitting shoe, with each stat sitting in the top 5 for its category.

CAP Score: 19.69692
Max Width: 3.8 inches
Upper Material: K-Leather
Weight: 11oz
Retail: $189.99

Puma King TOP Di Wide Fit

#3 – Puma King TOP Di

An absolute classic on the market with a very accommodating fit. With a K-leather upper and plenty of stitching you the forefoot, you get some additional stretch through wear. Where the King is a little off is in the length, as they are a little shorter than other similar releases. That means that some players will need to consider going up a half-size to get the right fit. Also of note, there are thin straps inside the boot, attaching the collar to the footbed, ensuring you get a snug fit through the midfoot.

CAP Score: 19.621665
Max Width: 3.73 inches
Upper Material: Calf Leather
Weight: 11.5oz
Retail: $119.99

adidas Predator 19+ Wide Fit

#4 – adidas Predator 19+

If you are looking for a modern option, the Predator 19+ is definitely the way to go! Yes, they have a collar like the X18, but the difference here lies in the fact the opening is a lot stretchier and easier to slip your foot into. The upper is a synthetic Controlskin upper that is pliable, mimics a leather material, and is supple enough to give you some additional stretch through wear. Plus, the actual soleplate is the widest of all the boots we tested, which means that you get support underfoot to keep you fully grounded.

CAP Score: 19.458506
Max Width: 3.91 inches
Upper Material: ControlSkin
Weight: 8.0oz
Retail: $274.99

adidas Copa Mundial Wide Fit

#5 – adidas Copa Mundial

For many, the Copa Mundial is the absolute go to when it comes to wide fitting boots. But what you might not realize is that they are actually not that wide fitting. What they do have going is a lot of space through the forefoot, with a wonderful K-leather upper that stretches beautifully. Of all the boots we tested, the soleplate is actually 4th thinnest at its widest point. In other words, there is a strong chance that your foot will spill over the plate, which might be uncomfortable for some players.

CAP Score: 19.3936
Max Width: 3.68 inches
Upper Material: K-leather
Weight: 11.4oz
Retail: $149.99

Finally – What if none of them fit?

I already know there are players out there who have tried these boots without success. And I am sorry about that! Hopefully you learn something from this guide that can help you find the most suitable option. For example, maybe your biggest issue is the overspill you feel while wearing the Copa Mundial, so look at boots that provide a wider soleplate (the PLATE column.) Or maybe you find that when you wore the Nike Hypervenom Phantom they were wide enough, but sat too snug across your toes, then check PT1 to find a boot that fits higher, like the Puma King TOP Di.

We are going to continue looking for other options to add over the coming weeks, and hope to be able to conclude what is the widest boot available on the market. If there is a boot we have missed that you want to know more about, please let us know in the comments below!

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Enjoy the research. Your description for PT2 is labelled PT1

  2. Can you add Predator remake for comparison? Thanks

  3. the is great. would be interested in comparing to the t90 laser iv, the wide foot's dream boot, maybe the magista obra 2, for benchmarking

  4. Great article Brian, you've helped me (and probably a lot of other people) narrow down (heh) which boots are more suitable for us wide footed players.

    I tried the Tiempo like a lot of people recommend, but found the toe box is too pointed so it crushes the toes together, I don't think they would've stretched enough to alleviate the discomfort either.

    Next I tried the Puma Evopower Vigor 1 as Unisport's youtube channel did a video saying it has the widest toe box of any boot ever, it is pretty wide, not massive in my opinion though. The real problem was the room between the upper and the insole, I found it way too tight, my toes, especially my big toe looked like it was trying to escape out of the top of the boot and when I took it off after ~30 mins, it was pretty badly squashed.
    These are boots that's supposed to be ready to play in straight away, no break in period required, so I guess they weren't for me.

    Finally I ordered two pairs of the X18.1, because nowhere seems to stock them physically anymore. After consulting your super helpful chart, I knew I needed a boot with more room vertically, so chose the X18 and oh yeah! Fits like a glove, super light, look amazing (got them in red) and got them at a discount too because the new model is out. I'm usually a UK size 10 in 95% of brands but I know Adidas always tend to run small, so I got the 10.5 too and it's the perfect size for me.

    Thanks for putting in the effort to make this article and please carry on doing similar tests for future ranges of boots and maybe even do a youtube video as I think you'll get a lot of views because there are a lot of wide footed players out there who find it super useful. Some of us have man feet and can't slip into a pair of Mercurial Superflys!

  5. My son is a 9 4E wide, we cannot find cleats outdoor to fit. He is wide across the ball what cleat runs the widest?

  6. Hi Bryan,

    I can see each boot you measured was size 9 US, but what width size is each boot? For example D, E, EE (D, 2E, 4E) ?

    Kind regards,

    Peter K

  7. Useful article.
    It would be very useful if you add a picture showing PT1, PT2….etc.

  8. I was delighted to find this guide but disappointed and baffled by the units used! So much head scratching to unpick an imperial unit (inches) that ends in a decimal unit..

    I’m seeing this is called metric inches but my tape measure certainly doesn’t work that way and I can’t imagine any one else’s does.

    As I say, love the work guys but the units used are beyond me and I rekon most footballers in the uk and around the globe.
    Personally I think metric would have been better. Would you consider revisiting with metric measurements?


    • This is awesome, the only thing that could make it better is if you did it every year for all the new boots.

      Thank you for your efforts. You help us all more than you know.

  9. I would also agree with Paul that metric measurements are easier to understand in a table like this than imperial measurements.

  10. This article was fantastically helpful. Excellent work and thank you! The first pair of cleats in ten years that fit my wide, thick feet out of the box arrived today. (Pantofolo D’Oros!)

  11. I would be so grateful if you could update this post to add what is currently available on the market for wide feet. Please please please! My daughter hobbles after every training and game because her Furon V6 wides hurt her feet so much! Thank you!

  12. I would second all of the appreciation for this article; This is a really really useful way to judge whether a cleat model is appropriately wide. I have super wide feet (5e/6e) and have been trying a lot of different cleat models to get the right fit. The measurements in this article have been consistent with my experiences, and have helped me choose some models to try. I have referred to it regularly, although nowadays the cleat models this article refers to are beginning to be a bit outdated given the time past from the publishing date.

    If you make an edition of this article for each year’s new models, I will certainly be reviewing the new articles each year, and constantly! I hope you consider this, because there isn’t anyone else putting in the effort of making the useful measurements you have made here, and I consider this much more useful than most of the rather subjective ways football cleat reviews are typically delivered.

  13. Would really appreciate an updated article on this. I can’t seem to find any boot that is wide enough and so can’t play!

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