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Up Close – Nike Vapor 360 NJR Silêncio (Shhh)

Nike Mercurial Vapor360 NJR Silencio

There is something extra unique about the latest signature Neymar release, and it is pretty easy to spot exactly what it is! The Nike Vapor NJR “Silêncio” features text graphics right across the upper, with many different sized “SHHH” sending out a specific message from Neymar; he wants to silence the doubters.

The design is created using miniature white chevron symbols through the letters. Looking underfoot, the letters gradually start in a deep black, fading to gray as they move onto the upper. And what makes them even more unique is the fact that no two boots are exactly the same!

“SHHH is not about me silencing the rest of the world, it’s about me going silent and focusing on what I have to do for my future as a player and as a man,” says Neymar Jr.

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Nike Mercurial Vapor360 NJR Silencio Unboxing

Nike Mercurial Vapor360 NJR Silencio Up Close

In terms of the actual SILO, this is the very same Nike Mercurial Vapor360 used on Neymar’s last signature boot, Meu Jogo. One of the key features of this Vapor silo is the fact they are built using a full Flyknit upper. The material actually wraps under the boot and there is a single layer of stitching along the spine of the soleplate that holds them together. As a result, I was expecting to encounter a very pliable material. But, rather than having a stretch feel like you’d expect a knit to have, it is a lot more like a synthetic that needs some wear to break in. The reasoning; they are designed to lock your foot in place and eliminate unwanted movement.

Rather than applying Nike All Conditions Control (ACC) as an outer layer, ACC is embedded into the Flyknit—eliminating additional skin, while remaining tough against the elements.

Nike Mercurial Vapor360 NJR Silencio Upper

Nike Mercurial Vapor360 NJR Silencio Touch and Control

Touch, Control and Shooting

One of the things Nike did with this release was infuse ACC into the Flyknit upper material, essentially eliminating a layer. That is in theory. But what it actually does is make the upper more rigid, meaning you are losing out on the natural level of touch on the ball. After a wear wears, the material does loosen so it becomes less of an issue.

The addition of micro-texturing across the Flyknit provides extra traction on the ball. You can see it clearly in the images above, and it really is as prominent as it looks. This helps increase control at top speed. The texturing is extremely defined, way more than you’d expect. They sit in a series of horizontal lines down toward the toes. Whether you are looking to add some additional swerve on a shot or a little extra power on goal bound strikes, it plays a positive role. The additional surface area allows you to really wrap your foot on the ball when you need to add a little spin. And for players in need of a power style boot, dare I say you get some additional ping of shots thanks to its placement through the strike zone.

The Collar

Around the ankle, you get a low cut Flyknit collar. It provides a classic feel that doesn’t take much to adjust to. Then you get the bonus of a slightly constrictive fit that comes compliments of a Flyknit material. It keeps you locked in place without fear of discomfort like you might experience from more rigid materials.

Silencio NJR Vapor 360

Nike Mercurial Vapor360 NJR Silencio Collar

Nike Mercurial Vapor360 NJR Silencio Heel Design

How do they Fit?

Compared to previous Mercurial releases, this boot is a lot more accommodating and provides some additional width to suit a wider audience. In saying that, they are still a Mercurial geared toward speed, so the silhouette is intended to be sleek and aerodynamic. I have a medium/wide fit, and they felt just “OK.” Through the forefoot, I had the right amount of space for them not to impact performance, but I can’t say with confidence that the same would be true for a wide fitting player. If you have the chance to try them on, I’d definitely recommend doing so before buying. In other words, as a market option (compared to other boots) they do fit pretty snug.

Retail Details

There is an entire line-up available as part of the Silêncio collection. Included is a range of FG boots and sole hard court releases. The primary boot is obviously these Vapor XII Elite. In reality, this is the type of design that will appeal to players with a similar mindset to Neymar. We are talking about players that are privy to criticism even when they play at a higher level to others on the pitch. Players that want to be challenged and make their team better. Coming back from injury, Neymar is looking to finish the season strong and prove that is still one of the world’s best players.

Finally, Neymar Jr.’s logo appears on the heel and it is augmented by a diamond and a crown, two of his personal mantras (and elements of his body art). This completes what is a fascinating release. And they also come with a special NJR bag, retailing for $274.99.

Silencio NJR Vapor 360 Boots and Bootbag

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